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Spectator Mode for Quest2

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Accidently posted in the Comunity Forums by accident before hopefully someone in here might know a bit more.


Looking for any documentation on how to implement the spectator mode shown recently at a oculus event. Basically the feature is a separate camera casting to a phone or compatible device, that isn't what the user in the headset is seeing. I work in Unity so anything specific to that would be especially useful but I'll take anything at this point, I can't seem to find anything other then press releases.



Seconding this! the example scene described in the documentation does not seem to work, the OVRSpectatorModeTest script does not correctly use the gameobject labeled 'head' to create an avatar, and the trigger does not switch modes during casting. If I manually enable the OVR scene and player controller scripts, along with the character controller, I can move the first person view using the joystick, but it is not in 3rd person.

I am running this in editor over airlink, so that might be my problem - trying to get it built but have OVRadb issues to fix before can try building...

Hi stonehenge2.0, Spectator mode is a Quest only feature that use existing casting feature to phone and PC browser. 

Also, please consider using release build (turn off development checkbox) for now. A couple bug fixes had landed in v32 SDK, including "flip image" with one line change requires. See more detail in "Known Issue"





Bumping this up, the example scene does not seem to work at my end as well.
I can move the rendertexture but pressing the trigger does not switch views on the spectator screen (tried to cast to oculus app, and chromecast.

Is there any other documentation on this? 

Hello Jay,

This isn't working for me either. I get the casting view from first person only in the Unity sample SpectatorMode.

The call to


returns true for success but every subsequent call to


returns Disabled.


Any news on this? I'm getting the same issue

Same issue here. Built the example scene to Quest, Everything initializes as expected, but when it gets to SetPlatformCameraMode it remains "Disabled" after the call to set it to "Initialized". Does this feature only work with an MRC compatible iPhone?


Guys, did anyone find a solution on how to make it work.
Even with the v41 Oculus SDK package, I am facing the issue.
I am not able to switch between the HMD view and the SpectatorCamera view.

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Exact same problem here.  Running standalone on quest 2, in release mode, trying to set to initialize returns false, and it’s stuck in “disabled” mode.


and annoyingly can’t debug it either…



same problem. anyone able to tackle this?