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Spectator camera in unity

Level 3

I've been trying to implement the spectator camera, but I am unable to run the example provided in the oculus integration plugin - the one mentioned here:

Whenever I switch to third person view using index button, the screen on my phone simply goes black. The "selfie" preview in the headset does work properly.

Has anybody been able to run this sample?


Level 5

I've just tried the SpectatorMode example, and I'm on the same boat. Probably I'm missing some prerequisite though...

Level 3

Hi ninjuArchero and korinVR,
Pardon to hear that.
May I know what is your Unity version? In Oculus SDK v29, it requires Unity 2019.4 or above. I suspect this could be the reason. 

Also, please consider using release build (turn off development checkbox) for now. A couple bug fixes had landed in v32 SDK, including "flip image" with one line change requires. See more detail in "Known Issue"


Level 3

Also, Spectator camera should now work for casting to phone and PC browser, as part of normal casting flow when trigger within Unity app. 


Level 3

I am using unity 2020.3.13f1.

I will double check that I was using it on release build.

I've tried casting to one plus 7 pro and Samsung s21 (same results)

Level 3

Have the same result: "Whenever I switch to third person view using index button, the screen on my phone/browser simply goes black."


It worked before but suddenly I just get a black screen...


I use Oculus SDK v31.2 and Unity 2020.1.13f1 and development build is off


Any solution on this yet? THANKS!

I still do not know how to make it work. The only thing I found out since my last post is that my phone is not the cause of the issue - I was able to use Spectator mode in "Racket NX"

Yes it's definitely a bug as I've tried various devices...

It is working on older builds of my game and also got it working on one build yesterday... but today the black screen is back although i haven't changed anything 🙄

Level 3

Looks like I found the problem in my case 🎉

It's hard to believe but disabling the unity splash screen was causing the black screen in my case:


Once I enable the Splash Screen again, the Spectator Camera works again 😀


Hope this helps you too!

Level 3


Is there a way to only render the background camera at full resolution (1920-1080)?
For now I get both cameras and in OBS, it looks very pixelated.