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Starter Quest Unity Project

Honored Guest

So, one might assume that all Quest projects developed in Unity share 90% of interaction modes and features. I would assume this would mean Meta would have released a starter project that includes all of these.

I've found "All In One SDK", but there's not any comparable "All In One Scene" to actually use it.
There are old projects that have passthrough, which are incompatible with old projects which do hand tracking, which are incompatible with old projects that do physics hands, which are incompatible with old projects that do controller tracking.

But there doesn't appear to be a project, asset or repo that does *functional, buildable quest project*

It feels like too much of an oversight to be true. Surely I'm missing something here? I missed a download link somewhere? They don't really expect every developer to independently spend a week building identical starter projects do they?



Hi @lachlanphillips,

As far as I know, there isn't one project that demos all of those features. However, there multiple sample scenes that demonstrate different features, like locomotion and OVROverlay. Here's the sample scene documentation as well as the link to the GitHub repo.