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Stuck in App Store Review for 7+ months

Honored Guest

Hello, I'm developing a game for the Quest 2 as part of a small indie studio. We submitted our game to be reviewed for the oculus app store, and it's been stuck in review for over 7 months. I understand the average is 3 months, so what's going on? We have had no communication from Meta, no emails, no activity, and there's no way to contact them. We also can't resubmit our game for review, so there's literally nothing we can do.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue? How are you dealing with it?

It's been so long that we're about to release the game on Steam in early access. We wanted to release on Steam and the Quest at the same time as we have cross-platform multiplayer, but we can't release on the app store until Meta's review is complete. The game's optimised and ready to go for the Quest, it's just this review process that's stopping us, and it's about to kill the company. 

We're at a loss here, what do we do?


Honored Guest

My friend and I submitted a game to Applab on December 17th, hoping our community could play it. We thought the delay might be due to the Christmas break, but it's now January 22, and we're still waiting, I hope meta can find out the problem about this.


7 month's is just ridiculous!!!, it should be no more than a month, I would like to hear from meta about this. they have all the resources in the world 


Is it the submission review, or the VRC check of the game?
My submission reviews are always done in like 2 days, but our game review is not even started since last year may.
I'm curious what we need to do to have it reviewed and if everything is fine get it from AppLab to Meta Store.