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Test User Personalized Avatar
Level 4
We installed a Test User account on a Quest 2.
After configuring an avatar in that account it shows up, when opening the avatar editor again, but we don't get the avatar in our application.
It does not even show up when checking the profile in the Oculus environment.
Is this a known limitation for Test Users?


Just did a logcat. I get the OculusId but it still shows up as grey avatar. Not the personalized one.


Level 2

Did you ever get this working?  I have a very similar tale.  I can pass my entitlement check, successfully get the user ID for my avatar, instantiate an avatar, apply the ID to the avatar, and still see the same old avatar.

Level 3
If the sample comes out well, but the user character does not come out, you should check the avatar.
Current sdk is previous version. You can setting previous avatar in avatar room in oculus.

This was before the availability of the new avatars. So not related to this.

But honestly I did not try this again for quite a long time. Maybe they fixed it, but I don't think so.

Level 5

I've also had problems with Test user accounts and meta avatars. The Test user's avatar loads fine locally but on another user's device a test user's avatar will never load. I always get the following error:
[ovrAvatar2 native] specification::Failed to retrieve Avatar Specification for user id 5280926832027980