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Text To Speech (TTS) Options on Quest 2?

Honored Guest

I am working on the accessibility options in my application and trying to find any options for runtime text-to-speech available on the quest 2 itself. I've seen some comments about older versions of the original Quest coming with the SVOX pico tts engine built into Android but on my Quest 2 it looks like this has been stripped out as a call to android.speech.tts.TextToSpeech getEngines() function returns a count of 0.


I've seen the advanced Speech-to-Text functions within the presence SDK but is there anything on the roadmap for further TTS?




Honored Guest

I am very interested in TTS as well. Why was Pico TTS stripped out? Is there a plan to replace it?

Honored Guest

I know your question is an old one, however, if you are specifically looking for runtime TTS and not a cache or streaming solution, have a look at our Game Engine plugin