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Too long review time
Level 2

In the case of the app that I participated in the project as a consultant, it was returned after about four months of the process including Oculus' misunderstanding after submitting it to AppLab. Therefore, it was re-submitted with a much simpler function, but there was no contact for a month.

I can publicize a more careful review of the entire business with Oculus in a forum of related industries, which includes the Korean government, global companies, universities, research institutes, and the media.


More specifically, with decades of research and development experience in the industry and influence in the relevant academic and industrial sectors, I can propose to Korea's Ministry of Information and Communication and Metaverse Forum ( to make this an official problem, and let Korea strategically exclude Oculus.


The fact that Oculus does not occupy a very important position in the global industry in the Metaverse field today will have great significance in responding to Korea's important strategic market.

I hope that the Oculus will express its intention quickly to innovate its management process immediately.