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Tracking confidence for Touch Plus controllers?


Hi.I'm currently exploring the possibilities of an app using Simultaneous Input on Quest3. It's a use case anyone could think of, but I'm experimenting with using the controller as a 6DOF tracker for tracking real objects. However, as one would expect, if the controller's black disc-shaped face is obscured from view, tracking is lost. Even in situations where tracking would likely be lost, the controller in the app continues to behave as if it is being tracked, albeit with some drift. For hand tracking, you can compensate for tracking vulnerabilities in the app's implementation by checking HandConfidence, but is there a way to check the reliability of tracking with the Touch Controller as well?

&& OVRInput.GetControllerPositionTracked(OVRInput.Controller.LTouch)

I've written code like above for now, but it was far from the behavior I expected. When the tracking reliability of the controller, detached from the hand, decreases, I want to implement it to completely stop updating the transform of objects in the scene. Does anyone know how to achieve this, or if there are any documents or references I should look into, I would be grateful if you could tell me.