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Transferring files from my Quest 2 to PC from a secondary account

Level 2

So I have and Oculus Quest 2 that my Dad bought for the family. We set him up as the admin account because he would be the one paying for all the games, even though he hardly ever plays on it. I'm set up as a secondary account and I play all the time, and I've always been able to record videos from my account and transfer them onto my PC using a USB cable. I have quite literally recorded 190+ videos on my secondary account that I have been able to successfully transfer onto my PC using the same method. One day I went to transfer a video I just took onto my PC and when I plugged it in the "allow file access" prompt didn't show up and now I can't transfer my files. I've been googling and trying to figure what happened for a week and a half, I've tried almost everything-

  • I've tried multiple different cables and ports
  • I've tried going to developer mode and turning on USB connection dialogue, nothing.
  • I've tried syncing through the mobile app, but it refuses to connect.
  • I've tried transferring files through SideQuest, but can't finish the connection setup.
  • I've tried updating the Oculus drivers on my PC, but the update they tell me to install doesn't exist on my PC.
  • I tried updating the Oculus itself, the PC Oculus app and the mobile app, all of them say they're up to date.
  • I even tried uploading files to Facebook, but it didn't even work
  • I contacted support and they told me to factory reset, but that means I'll lose my videos and my family will lose all their game progress, so that's not an option.
  • The only thing that I haven't tried yet is uploading my videos to my google drive through the Oculus, but my videos are almost an hour long meaning I'll have to sit there for an eternity and even then it's not a guarantee that it'll work because I've had issues retrieving videos I've uploaded onto drive from one device on a different device before.

At this point I'm out of options and I'm not happy, it shouldn't be this hard to transfer my files onto my PC, especially when I was able to do it before, multiple times-

What's the point in having multiple accounts if you can hardly do anything on the other accounts other than play the same games the admin has?

Why was I able to transfer files on the secondary account before but not now??

Why are the devs too goddamn lazy to actually fix these issues even though they definitely have the resources to do so???

This is absolute bs and I've about had it with the Meta developers' inconsideration for their costumers, they don't even have a customer support number!!! They expect you to just email them and wait- What the hell??? Do you guys think it's funny to take our money and give us garbage in return?

Then reply to our problems with your product with "oh no! I'm so sorry but there's nothing we can do." That's such a lie, you have the resources to fix so many problems, but refuse to actually fix anything, then have the audacity to say "I'm so sorry". No you're not, if you really were sorry you'd fix the **bleep** issue.

I want my videos and I'm not gonna jump hurdles to get them, let me transfer my videos, Meta.