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Trying to troubleshoot crash on start

I'm having trouble creating a consistently working player prefab. Using Oculus Integration v1.38 on Unity 2019.1.2f. I have the updated manifest.xml, I set to android platform, using ASTC, using GSL3, etc. I have an empty scene where the player prefab works and builds fine. I import that player prefab into an existing scene, apply the same settings, and it crashes! It takes a long time to rebuild and test small changes, but I've tried everything I could think of. The debug logs don't tell me anything about the crashes. I thought my scripts were calling OVR components too soon, but I fixed that. I get different kinds of crashes:
  • App crashes immediately
  • App crashes after a few frames
  • App has stopped working message
  • App never loads (3 dots)
  • App runs but with black screen
The player prefab builds correctly in an empty scene - so it can't be the project settings or the scripts on it.
The existing scene builds correctly with Oculus' Avatar prefab - so it can't be the scene breaking it.
If it's the scene conflicting with my scripts, I would get a debug error at least.
I can't figure it out.

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A couple days ago I was having a similar problem. Test scene was working in Unity but when I built for device, nothing. It took me forever to figure out I'd forgotten to check the "Virtual Reality Supported" checkbox under XR Settings. It would be a really nice thing for OVRLint to check (if anyone from Oculus is reading these threads).


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I haven't really got a suggestion except perhaps compare you steps to set up a scene against what I'm doing in my Example project?  You may have a far more complex project than I do, so it may not help.  But sometimes looking at how someone else does something will trigger an idea.

I got my app to run again. I haven't done extensive testing to verify if this was the issue, but I think it was because my prefab was broken? Here were my tests:
  1. Drag in my player prefab to the new scene. App immediately crashes.
  2. Unpack player prefab. Don't remember if the app still crashed.
  3. Keep OVR components. Remove ALL of my components. App doesn't crash.
  4. Add my components back one by one. App doesn't crash.
  5. Add all my components back until it's the same as the original prefab. App doesn't crash.
The original prefab and the new prefab are EXACTLY the same. So my scripts weren't the problem. I can only guess dragging in a prefab that came from another scene was the issue.

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If you have a backup of your old project, you could run a diff on it to see what changed?