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[UE4] Packaging for Android runs Windows's OnlineSubsystem code


I'm trying to package our Quest app with an AppID to connect with Oculus's online systems. I've followed the instructions here:

And now, upon packaging for Android_ASTC, we're seeing the following line in the output:
LogOnline: Display: Oculus: FOnlineSubsystemOculus::InitWithWindowsPlatform()

LogOnline: Warning: Oculus: Could not find 'RiftAppId' key in engine config.  Trying 'OculusAppId'.  Move your oculus app id to 'RiftAppId' to use in your rift app and make this warning go away.
GetSignatureToken get_signature error: Missing entitlement for 2174122759369539 (1971031)
GetUserID failed: Must call get_signature first (1971051)
OAF response error [WindowsPlatform::GetGKValue]: Must call get_signature first (1971051)
Failed to fetch FBNS credentials from OAF: Must call get_signature first (1971051)
requestOafRoomUpdate response error: Must call get_signature first (1971051)
requestOafLaunchDetailsUpdate response error: Must call get_signature first (1971051)
LogOnlineIdentity: Warning: Oculus: Failed Oculus login. Not currently logged into Oculus.  Make sure Oculus is running and you are entitled to the app.

Why is it going through the Windows code as opposed to Android? What am I missing? Please note that the apk packages fine and our app runs on our Quests.

UE 4.22.1
Oculus VR 1.36.0
Online Subsystem Oculus 1.32.0

I have a similar problem, I described it here:
If there is any solution, please contact me, or write an answer in my post, thank you.