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UE5 (.2.1) Had some problems building to Quest (3) and VR Preview: Solved!


Besides the documentation, this is my config which works finally:

Download via Android Studio (Tools - SDK-Manager)
SDK Platforms (check "Show Package Details"): 
Android 12L -> Android SDK Platform 32, Sources for Android 32, ARM 64 v8a
Android 10 -> Android SDK Platform 29, Sources for Android 29, ARM 64 v8a
SDK Tools (check "Show Package Details"): 
Android SDK Build-Tools 34 -> 32.1.0-rc1, 32.0.0, 29.0.3
NDK -> 25.1.8937393
Android SDK Command-line Tools -> Android SDK Command-line Tools 11.0, 10.0
Android Emulator
Android Emulator Hypervisor Driver
Android SDK Platform Tools

Unreal Engine Project Settings:
Android SDK:
Min SDK: 29
Target SDK: 32
NDK: 25.1.8937393 (26.x doesnt work)
SDK API Level: android-32
NDK API Level: android-29

SDK Paths:
Location Android SDK: C:/Users/[Username]/AppData/Local/Android/Sdk
Location Android NDK: C:/Users/[Username]/AppData/Local/Android/Sdk/ndk/25.1.8937393
Location JAVA: C:/Program Files/Java/jdk1.8.0_202

Settet these Paths also in the environment variables ANDROID_HOME, NDKROOT, JAVA_HOME

VR Preview:
I had problems getting the VR Preview to work.
While trying the XR Simulartor, i settet the Environment-Variable "XR_RUNTIME_JSON". Had to remove that, because the path doesnt exist anymore (deleted the MetaXRSimulator-Folder and did not remove this variable)
This tool should show the active runtime (oculus). With the wrong environment-variable, openxr-explorer shows "no runtime settet" or something like that. This tool shows errors, if something is wrong

Start Oculus Link before Unreal Editor


Honored Guest

Hey, thanks for the info. All the documentation striclty recommends downloading Android Studio 4. But AS4 does not have Android 12 Support. Which Android Studio are you rocking, the latest one?


Android Studio Giraffe 2022.3.1

Thanks! Good to know that this works.


Thank you. This fixed the problems I was having.

Enabling the SteamVR plugin in Unreal is an option to get VR preview to work but it's not ideal since it's deprecated and you need to disable the plugin before compiling or SteamVR will launch when opening a game.