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USB C Extension Cable used to work with v62, saw dust and debris issue in v63, doesn't work on v64


(Note that this is a repost of my post in the PCVR forum.  Let me know if this isn't alright, thanks.)

I have a long, expensive USB C 3.1 fiber optic cable that I need to use for development on the Quest.  My desktop computer is located in a different room for cooling purposes so I have used a 50m fiber optic extension cable.  It worked fine with v62 and below; however, with v63 the connection exhibited the 'dust and debris' issue and became unusable.  Then v64 has come around and there is no more dust and debris messages but now the cable won't work.  Of course, the next option are USB C 3.1 extenders over ethernet or fiber optic cable but they are $1-2k so really quite untenable.

Is there some way to get this cable working, do you think?  The Quest 3 does show up as a USB device connecting with SuperSpeed to Windows but Meta Quest Link (nor MDQH) won't see it and of course Quest Link won't begin.

I am just a hobbyist dev though this has shut down much of my development opportunities.  Is there a long cable you might recommend or even do you sell long cables that might work in my setup?

Thanks for any help.