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Unable to upload builds after migrating to meta account (CLI, ODH, OVRPlatform Tool)

Expert Protege

Ever since I migrated from my FB account to a meta account, I've been unable to upload any builds from the Oculus CLI, the Unity OVR Platform Tool and ODH which is completely blocking me from upload any new builds. 

CLI - Attempt to login says "You're using a version thats no longer allowed ..." even though I am on the latest update.

Unity OVR Platform Tool: "ERROR: Unable to fetch initial upload config", Although I CAN successfully login to the Oculus Platform Settings (note image below)



Finally the ODH Isn't working either suck on "Waiting for process to begin"


I am completely stuck unable to make any uploads for my development team. I've tried changing passwords and logging out and back in with no luck. Is there any way I can got back?


Expert Protege

according to @almightyzacpac in this post

This is working for me. 

"In the meantime as a workaround, I'm using app-specific tokens from the app store settings page to manage uploads. From the default Overview page for the app, go to API and you'll see the following.
App Credentials
This is what you should use for the access_token parameter in your server-to-server requests.
This works with the --token parameter for the utility, which is handy for automation systems."