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Unity 6000 - Head tracking issue



After newest version of Unity 6000, i have issue with head tracking.

Every time i create new project, import Meta XR All-in-One SDK(Currently 65.0 v, same with 64.0), everything works fine, except head tracking. when i do exactly the same with unity older version (for example 2022.3.15f1) tracking works.

there are few things i can mention. during launch, frame rate is like 72 FPS, when normally its 600+
gives two errors and a warning. all i do is install unity editor(right now its 6000.0.2f1), create empty project(Clean project without anything), import SDK and launch. 


SerializedObjectNotCreatableException: Object at index 0 is null
UnityEditor.Editor.CreateSerializedObject () (at <26627f99a7af447db68cd5961117dc4a>:0)
UnityEditor.Editor.GetSerializedObjectInternal () (at <26627f99a7af447db68cd5961117dc4a>:0)
UnityEditor.Editor.get_serializedObject () (at <26627f99a7af447db68cd5961117dc4a>:0)
OVRManagerEditor.OnEnable () (at ./Library/PackageCache/com.meta.xr.sdk.core/Scripts/Editor/OVRManagerEditor.cs:39)


Saving Prefab to immutable folder is not allowed: Packages/com.meta.xr.sdk.interaction.ovr/Editor/Blocks/InteractableItems/Prefabs/[BB] Pokeable Plane.prefab
UnityEditor.AssetPostprocessingInternal:PostprocessAllAssets (string[],string[],string[],string[],string[],bool)


Your project uses a scriptable render pipeline. You can use Camera.stereoTargetEye only with the built-in renderer.
UnityEngine.Camera:set_stereoTargetEye (UnityEngine.StereoTargetEyeMask)
OVRCameraRig:EnsureGameObjectIntegrity () (at ./Library/PackageCache/com.meta.xr.sdk.core/Scripts/OVRCameraRig.cs:603)
OVRCameraRig:Awake () (at ./Library/PackageCache/com.meta.xr.sdk.core/Scripts/OVRCameraRig.cs:190)

Any clue?



I think they will fix it someday, but I can not be stuck here.

The workaround enables me to move forward at least.