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Unity Build extremely broken

Honored Guest

Hello there,

I've been making a small VR scene in Unity. Everything is fine when im playing in the editor but when I make a build and load it through the Meta Quest Developer Hub it looks like the pic below! I've tried disabling the lightmaps and make everything realtime cause I thought that could have been the issue but it didn't fix anything. I can't even really google it because im not sure what is happening and every search I already tried didn't really help. I want to say that some months ago, like in, september, i was able to build the scene just fine. I added some extra models and an extra interactable, but nothing else that could suggest breaking the build like that. Also im using the v56 of the occulus integration package because that's the package i had when i started the project and i didnt want to break anything by upgrading (lmao). Any ideas?

Also an extra problem, even though the game is only using hand tracking the Oculus is forcing me to use controllers and wont even let me launch the app. 

Edit: I upgraded the project to the latest package (Meta XR all in one) but unfortunately it didn't help

Edit 2: I finally realised the problem was with an ice shader i was using for some ice cube in front. I was literally rotating and when it was going out of view everythign looked fine. 
Here is the shader i was using, which was working perfectly fine while testing through Air Link mind you. Idk why but it breaks the rendering when i have it. I will look further into it on my free time but if anyone has a guess feel free to reply



Just from personal attempts on a shader like this for Quest, the use of GrabPass usually does not work on Quest. I tried writing a windows shader that blurs the transparency this way but it did not work as expected. Even if it did work, GrabPass is extremely expensive on Android devices. Please look into finding or using a framebuffer fetch if you really need the refraction effect of the ice.