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Unity EventSystem IsPointerOverGameObject doesn't work with OVR Input Module?

Level 4

Hello, in Unity you can use the EventSystem IsPointerOverGameObject method to check if the input is over a (UI) GameObject, but this method doesn't seem to work with the OVR InputModule and VR Controller.


I confirmed that the same check is working with the default Input Module and Mouse Input. I also confirmed that the VR Input with OVR InputModule works correctly, I can interact with the UI itself with the Quest controller etc. but no matter what I do this method will always return false while using VR controllers even when the ray is clearly over an UI GameObject.


Is that a bug caused by the OVR Input Module implementation or is there a better way to check if a input is over an UI object which works with Mouse and VR controller?

Im using Unity 2020.3.24f1 and the Oculus packag version 35.0