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Unreal Project Settings

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Has anyone a preset or template for Oculus Quest 2 Unreal Project Settings?
  • One that works with Vulkan
  • One that works with ES3.1
After following the official Oculus guides and also the Unreal guides I am always getting errors.
I can't seem to build one functional Unreal UE4 project, that I can launch on the Quest 2.

Thanks for any little help,
appreciate it!


Level 3
Are you able to do a VR preview through link cable?

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yes. It's a bit crazy what you have to do in order to get it all set up and work properly.
If you have the Quest 1 up and running with the initial drivers it doesn't work for Quest 2.
It requires a new installation, I am going to post the whole Oculus Quest 2 Setup for Unreal on my blog:

Level 4
I found that it's all about your android SDK and NDK settings. What are your android built settings?