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Unsupervised VR app - kiosk mode

Honored Guest

Hello everyone,

We are currently realising a VR app in Unity for an exhibition in a museum (Meta Quest 3). In order to make the interaction as easy as possible for the visitors, we do not use navigation and only gaze-based interaction with a small set of interaction elements. The whole application has already been tested and even inexperienced users quickly get to grips with it.

As no controllers and no hand tracking are used, users do not have the option of opening the menu. Now to my questions, I have seen that Oculus for Business is being discontinued, hence the question - is there any experience with a kiosk mode and is there any documentation on this? And the second question, can I start an app via a network interface and ADB using a hardware button, for example?

Thank you very much


Have you looked at ArborXR? It's paid but they offer a kiosk mode and allow you to launch content remotely. Very useful device management too.


We use Arbor and its solid. The Kiosk mode is free IIRC. I don't know if its robust enough to prevent experienced and malicious users from breaking out of your app and accessing the system menu though.