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Uploading quest build via CLI with --asset_files_config results in JSON unexpected token

Level 3


I am trying to upload my apk to AppLab for the first time. My app has additional asset files and following the documentation I need to include a .json file that lists those assets as noted here:


My JSON File - "H:\Unity Projects\TheBridge(URP) - Quest OVR\sdcard\Android\obb\com.SpaceOwlGames.BattleGroupVR\bundlelist.json"

	"defaultgroup_assets_all_8b082612bdc39bb82a94a3b9d272e71c.bundle": {
		"required": true
	"f98cdce637761ade9f3a20aea7bd15e3_unitybuiltinshaders_a33e6e625c3b69eb6f0787996ea0d666.bundle": {
		"required": true
	"shipcolor_assets_all_cbc2285aef4d88237c2f180c0c579a9e.bundle": {
		"required": true
	"skyboxes_assets_all_bce17026d859944fa4e809e4b6cb34ad.bundle": {
		"required": true


When attempting to use the CLI to upload everything with the following command:

ovr-platform-util upload-quest-build -a XXX -s XXX --apk 'C:/Users/Elrond/Documents/BUILD DEV/quest/BGVRQuest.apk' --assets_dir 'H:/Unity Projects/TheBridge(URP) - Quest OVR/sdcard/Android/obb' --asset_files_config 'H:/Unity Projects/TheBridge(URP) - Quest OVR/sdcard/Android/obb/bundlelist.json' -c ALPHA --obb 'H:/Unity Projects/TheBridge(URP) - Quest OVR/sdcard/Android/obb/com.SpaceOwlGames.BattleGroupVR/'


The result is: 

SyntaxError: Unexpected token ' in JSON at position 0
at JSON.parse (<anonymous>)
at Object.processAssetFilesConfig ([eval]:1:68035)
at Object.handler ([eval]:1:1247237)
at Object.h.runCommand ([eval]:1:254532)
at Object.w._parseArgs ([eval]:1:436309)
at Object.get [as argv] ([eval]:1:435587)
at Object.<anonymous> ([eval]:1:419878)
at r ([eval]:1:110)
at [eval]:1:902
at [eval]:1:913

C:\Users\Elrond\Documents\BUILD DEV\quest>


My JSON file doesn't have any extra characters at the beginning, why is it having trouble reading it? What am I doing wrong? Can someone share what their json file looks like?


Level 3

Found the solution, the error is misleading, it is not that it cannot parse, but it cannot find the file because my path is formatted incorrectly.