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Uploading quest build via CLI with --asset_files_config results in JSON unexpected token



I am trying to upload my apk to AppLab for the first time. My app has additional asset files and following the documentation I need to include a .json file that lists those assets as noted here:


My JSON File - "H:\Unity Projects\TheBridge(URP) - Quest OVR\sdcard\Android\obb\com.SpaceOwlGames.BattleGroupVR\bundlelist.json"

	"defaultgroup_assets_all_8b082612bdc39bb82a94a3b9d272e71c.bundle": {
		"required": true
	"f98cdce637761ade9f3a20aea7bd15e3_unitybuiltinshaders_a33e6e625c3b69eb6f0787996ea0d666.bundle": {
		"required": true
	"shipcolor_assets_all_cbc2285aef4d88237c2f180c0c579a9e.bundle": {
		"required": true
	"skyboxes_assets_all_bce17026d859944fa4e809e4b6cb34ad.bundle": {
		"required": true


When attempting to use the CLI to upload everything with the following command:

ovr-platform-util upload-quest-build -a XXX -s XXX --apk 'C:/Users/Elrond/Documents/BUILD DEV/quest/BGVRQuest.apk' --assets_dir 'H:/Unity Projects/TheBridge(URP) - Quest OVR/sdcard/Android/obb' --asset_files_config 'H:/Unity Projects/TheBridge(URP) - Quest OVR/sdcard/Android/obb/bundlelist.json' -c ALPHA --obb 'H:/Unity Projects/TheBridge(URP) - Quest OVR/sdcard/Android/obb/com.SpaceOwlGames.BattleGroupVR/'


The result is: 

SyntaxError: Unexpected token ' in JSON at position 0
at JSON.parse (<anonymous>)
at Object.processAssetFilesConfig ([eval]:1:68035)
at Object.handler ([eval]:1:1247237)
at Object.h.runCommand ([eval]:1:254532)
at Object.w._parseArgs ([eval]:1:436309)
at Object.get [as argv] ([eval]:1:435587)
at Object.<anonymous> ([eval]:1:419878)
at r ([eval]:1:110)
at [eval]:1:902
at [eval]:1:913

C:\Users\Elrond\Documents\BUILD DEV\quest>


My JSON file doesn't have any extra characters at the beginning, why is it having trouble reading it? What am I doing wrong? Can someone share what their json file looks like?



Found the solution, the error is misleading, it is not that it cannot parse, but it cannot find the file because my path is formatted incorrectly.