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Usernames returned as expected in editor, but coming back null once built?

Level 3

Let me start by saying that my app has been approved and the DUC has gone through and I'm permitted access to user names. I did just get access today, so there's a small chance it's just delayed or something, but that seems unlikely considering it works fine in the editor.


So I'm having an issue where the result is inconsistent between the Unity editor and the built game for my app lab game. In the editor, I can get the result of Users.GetLoggedInUser().OnComplete(GetLoggedInUserCallback) and have it return the Oculus user ID and display name. When I build the game and load it up on the Quest, however, it's coming back as null. Is it possible that this is because my game is not yet released on App Lab (thought it has been approved), or is there a known issue, ideally with a workaround, that might cause the info to not be accessible once actually built?


Edit: I've discovered that it's specifically the displayName that comes back null, the userName is being returned. Still strange that I can get the displayName in the editor and not the build, but better than nothing for the time being.


Level 3

Hi, I experience the same thing, did you figure out what was wrong?