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VR in moving vehicle Rendering issue

Honored Guest

I am working on a project which involves using meta quest 3 in Rift mode while inside a moving vehicle. We are attempting to display lidar information as a customer demo and visualization tool.
We have run into the usual suspects while doing this (e.g. motion of vehicle is seen as player movement.) In an attempt to temporarily solve for these issues we have disable the safety boundary and limited tracking to just rotation. This handles most of the issues at least for a temporary internal demo. The issue I'm here for is that with this setup if we move/drive more than roughly 100 ft the rendering in the headset for lack of a better word breaks. The simulation/Unity is still running fine but the visual information is torn and frozen. If in this situation we stop the vehicle and recenter the view the rendering returns to normal and we can move another 100ft before it happens again.
Has anyone had this result in another other situations? Is the distance thing a floating point issue? What can we do other than recent the view every few seconds automatically. This is not a solution we want to use.

FYI. We are going to eventually attempt to use the IMU data of the vehicle and blend that data with the headset tracking but we are not their just yet and want to show something in the mean time.