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WebGL context lost after oculus browser update

Level 2


I have encountered weird issue that is manifesting only on our Oculus Quest 2 after web browser update.

If you open up Shapespark viewer on Oculus Browser in Oculus Quest 2 headset there is an issue with meeting mode. The WebGL Context is briefly lost and restored (or will crash browser)

Link to example meeting:

I have tested meeting feature on multiple devices, multiple systems, various browsers. Meetings had worked fine before Oculus Browser update to Chromium version: 104.0.5112.111. (not sure what versions was before update)

Issue is still present after update to Chromium version: 106.0.5249.168

There are no errors that could point me in right direction when debugging issue with Chrome developers tools (only WebGL Context Lost)

The issue might occur during Twilio preflight phase:

Any advice would help!