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WebGL glUniform1iv driver bug when setting sampler texture units

Level 2


I'd like to report a bug to the Oculus dev team, although it's not exactly clear where I can open an issue and track progress on this issue. The issue arises when setting samplers texture units using `glUniform1iv` instead of the more common `glUniform1i`.
I adapted a WebGL sample from the samples repository to reproduce the issue reliably on Oculus Quest2, here is the repro:

Specifically those lines:


                gl.uniform1iv(uniformDiffuse0Location, new Int32Array([0]));
                gl.uniform1iv(uniformDiffuse1Location, new Int32Array([1]));

                gl.uniform1iv(uniformUDiffuse0Location, new Int32Array([2]));
                gl.uniform1iv(uniformUDiffuse1Location, new Int32Array([3]));


Any advice on where I can forward this issue to the proper authorities would be appreciated 🙂