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Why Oculus SDK 1.39 and Quest are not cooperating?

Honored Guest
The new SDK 1.39 is a mess, I am facing the following problems in the first day! And on...

1. Both hands are showing but one at a time, if you click right hand it will show but the left hand disappear. Vice versa.
2. Who would have thought the common movement front/back/rotation will be so problematic, character moves a bit and stop then you press the left joystick to move forward and stops...
3. The gabbing sometimes work sometime the object fly away or disappear.

The removal of Androidmeinfest.xml and recreate it doesn't help. 

Is there anyone to help us out? 

Expert Protege
My solution was to downgrade to 1.38 and get back to work.

Honored Guest
How does one find that download?  I am completely stuck and would like to downgrade, but the legacy download page only has 1.28.

Honored Guest
Guys downgrade is not the answer. We need to get our heads from Rift...this might be a long run. Let's help each other for better Quest experience.
Looking for answers. Anyone?