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Windows Volumetric Apps on Meta Quest announced for Developers

Heroic Explorer

Microsoft announced Volumetric Windows apps are coming to Meta Quest at Build today.

If i'm understanding it correctly, it looks like Developers that currently have mixed reality Windows apps or 3D objects can extend interaction to the Meta Quest from their Windows machine or Windows 365 via a new volumetric API.

The screenshots show several virtual application windows open, with a 3D Xbox controller model being handled by the user and dismantled virtually.


This is the sign up for the developer preview:

Video demo:

Meta & Microsoft: The Future of Mixed Reality and Productivity - Developer session at Microsoft Build 2024

Creating Immersive 3D Solutions with Microsoft Mesh - Developer session at Microsoft Build 2024

Build Day 1 :

Build Day 2:

Build Day 3:

Bring Your Mobile Apps to Meta Horizon OS Developer Sign up

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