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Wireless editor preview on Quest?

Level 2
I'm trying to sort out some tricky physics issues and need to do trial and error. I'm on Unity 2019.2 and deploying to the Oculus Quest via Build and Run, which takes quite a while to build and test for each iteration. I'd like to see the preview when clicking "play" but on the Quest. There's a possible way to do it with Oculus Link, but I think it could work with Virtual Desktop streamer over wireless. 
If you google "virtual desktop unity script" you'll see something that once worked but it's no longer in the asset store (4 years old). Is there an updated version of this or some other method that works wirelessly?

Level 2
I asked the dev of Virtual Desktop this and he thinks it will be possible to preview on quest with his next beta, so we'll see! 🙂

Level 4
Any new news on this?