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With Quest Pro Dropping in Price, Can Meta Prioritize Supporting the D-Link Air Bridge?

Level 2

Meta promotes the D-Link Air Bridge as a perfect PC to Quest solution but fails to support the newer Quest Pro headset. The community would appreciate some guidance as to when Meta anticipates support as neither D-Link nor Meta Customer Support provide transparency. 


Level 3

The VR Air Bridge has been amazing to use with my Quest 2, and it’s a real shame it isn’t compatible with my new Quest Pro. Please advise as to when we might see compatibility! Is it a driver/firmware issue that is out of meta’s control? 

Level 2

Straight up, my institution will NOT buy any quest pros if the air bridge isn't supported. It's such a great piece of hardware, and has allowed for incredible freedom when using Quest 2 units with wireless PCVR.

Get on it, Meta!

Level 2

I am eagerly awaiting this feature. I’ll definitely be using my headset much more when I can use PCVR wirelessly.

Level 2

Definitely agree, I can't do airlink at work with my pro because the corp wifi is so poor and high latency.

Level 2

Shocking that Meta and D-Link point the finger at each other and that supposedly simple compatibility issues plague a platform with so few SKUs and licensed accessories. This is why Meta is no Apple-Microsoft-Samsung etc


Level 2

Please, please add support as the quest pro is a perfect fit for this device.

The quest pro is THE best way to experience PC VR and I know a lot of prosumers are buying it solely for that reason.

And don't worry meta, people are buying cross buy titles because the idea of playing a game without your PC and then being able to upgrade the graphics in your home is AWESOME

Level 2

Please add support for air bridge