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Workrooms and Parties issue

Level 4

Dear Guys,

I have this problem, normally Quest2 is working fine but when I start a PARTY or a workroom meeting the system start to be unstable. It freezes and it continues to disconnect room, even I affect one of the guest there.
The incredible thing is that this is not happening in my office. 
At home I have a 80mb / 40 mb Adsl line, instead at office a pure fiber 100/100... 

My suspicius is not the line, but the connections in place during the meetings and parties... it seems like at home quest 2 is getting crazy due some limitation on multiple connection.

So I want to understand more about this possible issue, WorkRooms and Party how are them working exactly? 
The connection between each user is a separate connection? Are these apps using special ports UDP or TCP? 

I'm quite sure here at my home I have a situation where something is broken during connection and this make the quest2 not working properly 

PS: Is there a method to donwload the LOGS for debugging by Android Transfer on MACOS? I saw the post to do that with Windows but I haven't it now