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Resolved! Test User IAP Checkout Flow Stopped Working

We've run into an issue when testing our IAP purchase flow. Up until this week, when we'd click on an In-App purchase (durable level addon), it would open the Meta App Lap Purchase window, where it would give a price and ask to purchase or cancel, th...

Slixton by Explorer
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Side By Side Recording / Raw image recording

Hello there,I have a few questions regarding recording videos on Oculus Quest 3.In the headset itself, there is no "both eyes" option. It's available in Meta Quest Developer Hub PC app, however. Can I somehow set it on the headset itself so when I st...


GPU level not going above 2 on Quest 3 in Unity.

I'm wondering why in my app the GPU level won't throttle above level 2 with my Quest 3 build (It does go above that in a Quest 2 build). I see that in other apps it will go above that but I'm wondering if there is a setting I'm missing in the OVR man...

Axmit by Honored Guest
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Starter Quest Unity Project

So, one might assume that all Quest projects developed in Unity share 90% of interaction modes and features. I would assume this would mean Meta would have released a starter project that includes all of these.I've found "All In One SDK", but there's...

Quest 3 controller art

Is there anywhere where official Meta Quest 3 controller artwork is available for download?The current controller art package available from the downloads section does not include Quest 3.Thanks in advance!

ADB Help

hello, i've recently taken some hits against I've been tweaking it a little and have been wanting to test something. I've been wondering if there's a setting and/or a throttling behaivor s...

skni by Honored Guest
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Crash reporting seems to have stopped updating?

We were getting a lot of crashes so I uploaded our debug symbols on the last update to try and get a bit more data about what might be going on. It would seem that our latest update drastically decreased the crashes because they went from a couple hu...

Closing Quest business at least for consumers

My idea is to close Quest business completely as this siilly company is not able to build foundamental processes.I just have my second account suspended, month after suspension of the first one. For the second account I even bought new, second device...

Wojtex71 by Honored Guest
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Does quest 2 developed build support quest3

This is the request for support: if we develop a build for Oculus Quest 2, if I want to use the same build for Oculus Quest 3, does it support the build?. I want to know if the SDKs for Oculus Quest 2 and Oculus Quest 3 are the same or different.

Something like anchors which is not anchors

We are a bit stuck. We have a streaming service that be need to consume which only works in OpenXR, but we need anchors which don't work with OpenXR (see

Glasses problem!

The original problem of scratching the surface with glasses is temporarily solved with a set of silicon spacers. The awkward part is that there are two different attachments for each eye (the hard plastic and the silicon), and sometimes they are disl...

lanhayfl by Honored Guest
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Quest 3 only apps on App Lab

Hi, are we allowed to submit Quest 3 only apps to App Lab?I ask this as my submission has been rejected due to bad performance, which I think is due to the fact that in 'Blocked Devices' it only lists Quest 1, despite the fact I only ticked the optio...

hass265 by Honored Guest
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