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Opening app permissions tab in system settings

If the user is prompted for record audio permissions for voice chat and they decline, we turn off an option in the settings menu. so then in future if they choose they can goto the settings they can turn it on again and it will show the permissions d...

Error when trying to upload to app lab

Hi whenever I try to upload my APK to the app lab it keeps on popping up this error code: OCULUS_PLATFORM__APK_PACKAGE_NAME_ALREADY_IN_USE. Does anybody know howto fix this? I've tried stuff like renaming the whole project and deleting my application...

liamgame1 by Honored Guest
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Changing package name on builds

After much back and forth I finally managed to get a package to upload using a placeholder package name. Now I'd like to replace my build using a proper package name. But I can't. When I try to upload with ovr-platform-util it says:This upload uses a...

Games not showing on new app lab tab on the store

Hello, I have 16 games released on app lab since it's launch several years ago. However, none of them are showing on the app lab tab on the store. Does anyone know why this may be happening? I tried to contact Meta directly, but got no answer.

Issues with downloading App Lab app to Quest 3

I’m having issues downloading the Alpha version of my Unity Application to my Meta Quest 3 for testing. The application appears on the Meta Quest app on my phone but does not show up on my headset. There is a “Purchased” button at the bottom on the m...

pg152024 by Honored Guest
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Hey I’ve been wanting to play Vrchat and I downloaded it and when I entered my oculus account it said couldn’t authenticate this account I tried everything I don’t have a pc or a computer and my friend Hase no pc or a computer ether and he logged in ...

Oculus Quest In-Game Video recorder

HelloI'm working on a VR application in Unity for the Oculus Quest 2.One of its features is to record in a video what the user is doing and watching. The recording session is triggered by an in-game button.For now I didn't find any useful solution co...

Disable USB Audio Permission Request

I use a custom unity-application to display the usb camera input. But in order to connect the USB camera and charge the Meta Quest 3 at the same time, I have to connect the mq3 to a docking station. Every time I do this, I get a "USB Audio permission...

Advanced GPU OVR metrics not working

I've been using OVR Metrics HUD with the advanced GPU metrics since it was made available, and for the most part it has worked very well. Lately though it just stopped working and is giving me garbage values, and I've tried factory resetting, downloa...

Take Screenshot from code

Is there a way to trigger the OS Screenshot (similar to the "Take picture" button or the "home menu + pull trigger" shortcut) from code?I'm using Unity and my guess is that it is not exposed through Meta's API, but maybe there is a way to launch the ...

Plugin for Workrooms

Is it possible to develop plugins with interactive features for workrooms? Or if it isnt Is it possible to develop a Workrooms alike environment with these interactive features?

Resolved! Lost Keystore Password

I have been working on a game but can no longer update it because I lost my keystore password, I need a way to change the keystore on app lab or is it easier just to make a new app?

SharkVRYT by Honored Guest
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Event when the Headset is locked/turned off Unity

I needed to run part of a code when the headset is locked or turned off in Unity. My game is multiplayer and I need to communicate that the player has left immediately, and I can't find any way to do this. I've tried all the OVRManager actions but no...

gubebra by Honored Guest
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Applab game not searchable yet

I am the developer of Control Tower VR.I am very excited with the app labs games being searchable on the main store, but so far Control Tower VR is not browsable (go to app lab tab, filter by genre arcade) and not searchable unless I enter the full n...

Flickering on Meta Quest 3

Hello, folks. I recently built an APK for my Meta Quest 3, and there is some footage of my intro scene in the following scene; the project is on URP. Here is a screenshot of it from Quest 3:

Resolved! Quest 3 USB connection not recognized (development)

Hi,I started with the developer instructions, but when I connect my Quest 3 to my USB port, nothing happens. The PC does not give any feedback that a device is connected and the Quest 3 also does not realize any connection.Also in the Quest 3 Setting...

Trouble Getting Room Setup to Work with Unity

I followed this tutorial which is pretty extensive to getting room setup data in Unity. I downloaded the github repo with the exact same Unity version, and the room setup ...

meta-xr-unity1.jpg Screenshot 2024-05-16 205704.png
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