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Stuck at pairing

I had 5 Quest 1's. Did a factory reset on them to pair with a new tablet. Only got 1 to pair successfully. RMA'd the remaining 4 to Oculus.Just got a refurbished unit back and it also stops at the pairing screen. Tried to pair with phone with the sam...

Meta data approval taking way too long

I submitted for metadata approval for my app in App Lab more than 2 weeks ago. It still sitting in Submitted state which is hurting my apps sales. How long do such approvals take? It used to be a few days but seems like it has become much worse after...

"Eye tracking enabled" always returns true

I've been using eye tracking successfully for some time. However, we're developing a fallback for devices without it, or it hasn't been authorized by the user, and the api doesn't seem to behave as expected.OVRPlugin.eyeTrackingEnabled returns true i...

RIFT exe file on Quest 2 issue

Hello,I have a program that was created in Unity for the Rift that I am trying to use with the Quest 2. This is an educational program that I want to test. I can find it through the virtual desktop while linked to my laptop. When I start the program ...

GH001 by Level 2
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Moving Grabbed Objects jitter (Unity)

Using Unity 2018.4.5 and Oculus 1.38When I hold an object (simple scene with just a cube) in my hand, then the movement of this grabbed cube is very jittery and not smooth at all.Using OVRPlayerController with LocalAvatar in TrackingSpace and AvatarG...

ADB device list empty

Hey there,when I came back to work this morning, I found both of my Quests unable to be listed under adb devices. I tried Mac and Win but the list won't get populated.In difference to yesterday I realised that every time I connect a Quest to a comput...

BBigG by Level 4
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Issue with VK_KHR_timeline_semaphore

When using VK_KHR_timeline_semaphore, vkCreateSemaphore returns -3 with the following in logcat: : ioctl fd 68 code 0xc0100958 (IOCTL_KGSL_TIMELINE_CREATE) failed: errno 13 Permission denied As mentioned in the error, permission is denied, further lo...

Can a sideloaded APK be updated from within quest

Can a sideloaded APK be updated from within quest?I aim to have many headsets installed with sideloaded private apk's and I am looking to see if there is any way that the app can be triggered to updated from with quest.Currently I can only see assume...

Roooooz by Level 2
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Gardian Issue

Hello to everyone.I use to disable guardian in my phisical vr escape room to let the players moove without limits.From 1 week i think, with guardian disabled in developer hub and in the quest, i see the players drifting, all the objects moove a littl...

VR not pair in PC and mobile phone

hello, I have a quest 2 I did everything to pair and start working with quest 2, my quest 2 is paired on the phone, and it could be cast but it doesn't work and is not paired like the below image.  after that, I tried to pair and connect with a lapto...

photo1675600901.jpeg reza_vr_1-1675601446822.png reza_vr_0-1675601438712.png
reza_vr by Level 2
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Quest 2 does not showing up on PC whil in dev mode

My Problem:when I try to connect my Quest 2 to the PC (Win 10) while dev mode is on and allow to access data, it does not showing up as device. I tried every solution last 2 days and nothing seems to work (including updating all drivers). However my ...

tseghus by Level 2
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Dumbells application

Hello everyone,I was woundering if someone is actualy working on creating a dumbell app?Here is how I would see it:First of all a user would create his avatar, an avatar that looks like those images of body without skin, showing only muscle and maybe...

DDleger by Level 2
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Finding Boundary Coordinates?

I'm developing a simulation in the Quest 2 using Unity and would like to access the boundary coordinates. In the past, there was a GetGeometry option but it appears to have been deprecated. Can anyone point me in the right direction here?

New Destinations stuck in Pending Review

How long does it take for destinations to get out of review? I was building out the shared spaces test and I am stuck with my destinations in pending. I created them Monday afternoon, so its been over 72 hours and they are still sitting at pending re...

Virtual Glasses

If all glasses do is warp the way that light hits our eyes to make our vision clearer, then do you think it would be possible to code a VR headset to take a glasses prescription and change the way it presents images to mimic the glasses and clear the...

Unaurthorized Purchase

I contacted Meta via Chat in the beginning of January 2023, it has been over a month now. My concerns is that I had an unauthorized charge which was deducted from my account. I thought it was a fraudulent purchase so I closed that debit card in doing...

extended periods threshhold

Hello,I am working with a developer who is creating their first VR App/game. When reviewing the VRCs, in particular the VRC.Quest.Performance.1 test case. The expected results readsThe application should not experience extended periods of framerate b...

User Reporting Plugin

I have followed the instructions here for integrating our in game's user reporting flow with oculus button triggered user reporting: