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Unable To Get A Response

Hello,I am desperately trying to find an answer. Ive been posting for a few days trying to get help multiple people are having with saving MRC calibration to our headset. Were all getting the same Calibration Sending Error, being denied access to the...


Allowing apps to screen record?

Hi!I'm not really a developer, but I've been trying to get something to work on my quest for a while, and I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong, or it's just not possible.Basically, I want to run this flatscreen android app on my quest 2. It rec...

APK/OBB Size Limitation

According to the Tech Note on expansion files, the total application size of a Quest application can be increased by building an APK file that loads OBB expansion files. However, this page indicates that the maximum supported size of APK and OBB expa...

Can't verify my Developer Account

Hello. When i try to verify my oculus developer account, it asks me to either enter a card number or set up a 2fa. The card entry form doesnt have my country available. When i'm trying to set up a 2fa with my phone, it previosly redirected me to a pa...

developer verification issue

i recently bought a verifyed buisness for my game, and when i submitted it it said it would take up to 2 days but its been almost a month now and still nothing. I payed 60$ for the buisness I don't want that to be wasted can someone help?

kosh242 by Explorer
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Re: Meta avatars + Oculus interaction hands

Its first timeThis is my project and would like to snap avatar hands the same way as hand meshtried to resize LeftHandSyntetic, Looked in the HandModifier. placed Avatar with "SampleAvatarEntity" script under OculusInteractionSampleRig prefab. The sa...

avatar hands.png

Trouble with MR applications in Quest

Hi there,When developing Oculus MR application in Unity using Oculus SDK, we can see the room data previously set up in the headset using Oculus Link in Unity editor, but after packaging the game as apk and run it on Oculus quest 2 headset, the MR ap...

Resolved! oculus verification not working.

I am trying to verify my developer account because it will be required soon and since I don't have a verified business I wanted to do admin verification. when I tried to verify though I accedently closed the page and now it is under review but I thin...

kosh242 by Explorer
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Tracked Keyboard SDK for UE5

Is there a way to get the Tracked Keyboard SDK working in Unreal Engine 5? I didn't know if there was an alpha or beta plugin available that I could try out with the Logitech K375s. If not is there a way I could extend the plugin in github and add th...

How to access imagery from the cameras?

I want to develop an XR app which involves tracking of real objects. I can't figure out how to access the imagery from the cameras, which I need to do this. Can't find any mention of it in the docs.Can someone point me to the relevant docs?

scene capture spam an error in the log

Hello,I'm currently working with the scene capture feature ( and i've been able to set it up correctlybut I have a problem with a log which is insanely repeated : Warn OpenXR_Anch...

CorangeD by Honored Guest
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Quest 2 v55 performance update

I've seen some headlines that are suggesting a big performance boost to the Quest 2. I am very hopeful as our Unity based project is nearing the finish line and we are not reaching stable FPS yet.Can I get some insight as to what this update will imp...

Error on Meta Quest Developer Hub

Hi, I can't record with the error message "display is off" on MQDH even though it's on,I can cast it, however, I can't change the resolution without recording setting, Does anyone know solutions?

How have you not fixed this

Hello I recently was told my graphics card isn’t compatible with oculus. However it is stronger than the listed recommended one. I was told that apparently oculus is not compatible with specifically the nvidia geforce GTX 1650. It seems to be compati...

crackupj by Honored Guest
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Cant see presence

Trying to add presence platform support, but even though my profile is public and everything it doesnt show where i am in my profile, even to me. in the home menu on another account it says home, but for my main profile it just shows my user name. An...

StuBro by Honored Guest
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