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Horizon Worlds Link to Unity Game

How can I make a link from within a Meta Horizon World to a Meta-approved Unity-based game without the "quit app?" message being displayed?My Horizon World will be a meeting place for experiential time travel adventurers.All that's required is a Meta...

Resolved! Developer - verify account not working

Hi all,Just got my Quest 3 but stuck at verify developer account. Neither options work, credit card or phone (and logged in using the authenticator app). Meta chat routed me to this forum for support. Appreciate any help.

Unkown Sources

Hello, my son has recently complained he can't access the 'unkown sources' category so he can play sideloaded games is there any solution?

Eye Tracking Data

Hi,I'm currently working on a project and hoping to retrieve data from eye gaze. I'm looking to utilize eye gaze for controlling an interface, requiring the data for tasks such as selection or button pressing. If anyone has alternative methods to ach...

Resolved! Black screen on start on Quest 2 (Unity)

I am now using Unity 2019.4.36, recently updated from Unity 2019.4.23. I rebuilt my Quest 2 project and deployed to the device and now it launches a black screen. Trying to unravel what has changed/not changed. I'm using Android API 30. Is this the c...

Unity Quest 3 Game or App Support

Dear Meta Community, I am writing to seek guidance and assistance regarding the development of a Unity VR program for my project, which focuses on a VR rehabilitation system. The project involves the creation of three distinct environments within Uni...

Gsmiga125 by Honored Guest
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Passthrough for Native C++ SDK

Hello,Is there a passthrough API for the Oculus Platform SDK? From what I've seen, Meta doesn't seem to provide the passthrough data for privacy reasons. I'd like to do something similar as Unity where we create a composited image. Specifically compo...

dko0313 by Honored Guest
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IN App login

"Hello, I'm planning to develop and upload a game for Meta Quest. After launching the game on Meta Quest, I'm interested in implementing a feature where users can log in via QR code on their phones. This would allow different people to log in on the ...

ather0301 by Honored Guest
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Delete a game off applab

so i am trying to delete my game off applab (note: i do not have my org verified), the main reason i want to remove my game is due to the unity download fee (note: i do know that the fee system didnt happen yet) so, when i read the email about how to...

Vr_and_pc by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Unity crash when try accessing scene model on Quest 3

Hello,I'm having an issue while developing for Quest3, while debugging with Oculus Link (via USB 3.0), I can't see the 'ask for spacial data permission' popup on Quest3 after I enter the Unity Play mode. This also causes Unity to crash after a few se...


@TheARTofMining 0 seconds agoI have multiple scenes each that require the player to start facing a UI screen when the scene(s) loads. Despite hours of searching I have found no reliable solution as yet!I'm sure it's something the the XR interaction t...

Guidance on Excluding Folders from Cloud Backups

I wanted to address a concern regarding the storage of certain files, particularly video thumbnails, on Meta cloud. These thumbnails can be quite large and may lead to exceeding the storage limit for cloud backups. However, thumbnails are not essenti...

zoexring by Honored Guest
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Cannot Pair Quest with Test Account

I've setup a test account, factory reset my Quest, logged into the Oculus app on my phone and tried to pair.If I try to pair with existing HMD"Headset Identity cannot be verified at this time. please try again" If I attempt to "Pair with new headset"...

Is it OK to start a Quest 3 projec on Ubuntu?

I just realize that UE5 Meta XR plugin only works on Windows.How about Unity or Native? I want to start my project on Native with OpenXR Mobile SDK (in Ubuntu) if possible but the document seems quite outdated. I even failed to configure Hello World ...

lesomnus by Honored Guest
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Correct way to enable/disable passthrough in app

Using unity 2021.3.35 with the latest Mata API, but I've had the same issues with previous versions of both.I'm changing if passthrough is enabled with OVRManager in script. If you hover over this setting in the editor it says it can be toggled at ru...