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AR development assumption

Hi, guys I am quite a beginner at learning Quest development on Unity.I have tried to archive the passthrough function by Oculus Integration SDK package.But the question is that anyone who had tried combining the AR core or AR foundation or Vuforia, ...

Diabor by Level 2
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Text To Speech (TTS) Options on Quest 2?

I am working on the accessibility options in my application and trying to find any options for runtime text-to-speech available on the quest 2 itself. I've seen some comments about older versions of the original Quest coming with the SVOX pico tts en...

NickVee by Level 2
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Resolved! Text to speech ?

Hello.Is there any way to do text to speech in my Unity app for Quest 2 ?Couldn't find much on this topic.Thanks

Error when trying to upload to app lab

Hi whenever I try to upload my APK to the app lab it keeps on popping up this error code: OCULUS_PLATFORM__APK_PACKAGE_NAME_ALREADY_IN_USE. Does anybody know howto fix this? I've tried stuff like renaming the whole project and deleting my application...

Resolved! Can't Get User Name (App Lab)

I am developing an Oculus Quest app for release on the App Lab. Previously, I was able to get the player's user name just fine via Oculus.Platform.Users.GetLoggedInUser().OnComplete(getLoggedInUserComplete); but recently that stopped working and now ...

How to set up mic input correctly in Unreal?

Hello!I'm currently working on my final year project for Uni and need to access the microphone in the Quest 2. I've found the AudioCapture component and assigned a submix to it and then I'm recording this input which is then played back through the h...

Meta Quest Pro

Do we have access to any developer tools for Meta's upcoming headset potentially titled "Meta Quest Pro". Would like to start developing an app for the new headset. Thanks 

M_DUBBS by Level 2
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Developer Mode on Quest 2 without app?

I have a Quest 2 and an Oculus account. I don't have a Facebook account (and can't get one). Is there any way to set up developer mode on the Q2? I activated the Q2 using an older version of the Android app. So I can connect to the store, download ga...

Air link for Unity development

I have absolutely no issue setting up air link, connecting it to my PC and launching it BUT... it does seem to time out after a few minutes and reverts back to my Quest 2 home. Is this due to inactivity or something? And is there a setting that I mig...

Is there a way to cloud save user conent?

Say, you have a game where a user can design an alien, or a logo, and you want to let them save their design to the cloud so they can access it later either1) in another gaming session2) on their computer3) in another player's gameIs there a way to a...

Any success with bluetooth mouse input?

I am struggling with this problem for some time and I have no idea how to solve it.I am a bit basic if it comes to the Java. I am using Unity to develop my app and I have problem with mouse connected to the android device via OTG usb. The problem is:...

Cannot Pair Quest with Test Account

I've setup a test account, factory reset my Quest, logged into the Oculus app on my phone and tried to pair.If I try to pair with existing HMD"Headset Identity cannot be verified at this time. please try again" If I attempt to "Pair with new headset"...