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How do I map a gesture pinch to an index trigger?

I'm using Hands only/Hand tracking for Oculus Quest.Currently the only way I can press a button via pinch is by registering the button press delegate during pointer enter and then invoking it upon reaching pinch threshold.I'd like to know if there's ...

Media Projection is disabled on v44

We are developing VR device management system that can monitor VR viewers' screens.we are implementing mirroring function using MediaProjection API, and it worked in v43.However, after updating to v44 it was not working and we found the following log...

Access Space Sense API for leg tracking?

Recently, Supernatural ( added 'knee tracking' based on estimating head and hand movement (i.e. not knee tracking at all). Since they only needed crude tracking, this was sufficient for them. Would it be possible to a...

Play sound from native C++ API

I'm planning to synthesise sound in realtime in my naive (openXR) app and then play it. So I'll have a bunch of int16 or int24 arrays to play which will be constantly updated and then submitted to the sound API. Android native uses the khronos audio ...

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Cant update applab metadata PDP video

Hello, I have an app on applab, and i want to update the video shown on the PDP, but i cant figure out how to do it. I saw this page, but it seems that is for the Oc...

MQDH - Multi OBB package upload

Hello! I'm looking for some help/clarification for the Meta Quest Developer Hub's build deployment feature. The Documentation Page covers the basics of using MQDH to upload an application to the Quest, which seems to work fine as long as the app only...

Meta Avatar SDK with Obb file

Recently, our team started to use obb file as the apk file is getting bigger and bigger. After using obb, our meta avatar doesn't load correctly, and we get these errors: [ovrAvatar2 native] AssetLoaderZip::Failed to open asset zip file: Oculus/OvrAv...

XNW by Level 2
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Minimum FPS of the Quest2 app

Hey there, My app is running at (72)FPS, but sometimes it drops to the 60s and 50s for some shots. Will that affect being approved on the store? And how can I solve this issue? Thanks

Resolved! No Reply from Oculus Support (2 months)

Hi, my name is Ariel. I have been having issues trying to contact the Oculus Support Team. I have created two tickets in which they both got a response saying they were assigned to Oculus Submissions Team. It's been 2 months already and I haven’t rec...

Performance HUD unexpectedly shows up

HiSuddenly the Performance HUD shows and just is in the way, how come?History1 Performance HUD showed up in MSFS every time I used Ctrl + numpad +/- also the Debug window2 I uninstallled Oculus and manually cleaned up a lot of folders -> Problems gon...

An error appears on the status stage

App lab gives me an error in the test status, when I click on the Test Results: Security Vulnerability Review, I click on the details option and it tells me that it passed all the tests, so what is the error then? what should I do or request to fix t...

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External object tracking

Now that the passthrough API is available I was hoping I could use it to scan a QR code or AR tag,however, the camera layer is not available to us as developers, which I can understand but this limits so much on the AR front. Why wouldn't there be an...

Enable/disable passthrough at runtime causes crash

Hello, setting ovrManager.isInsightPassthroughEnabled = true works great and turns passthrough on, and setting it to false turns it off. but doing it over and over again, my app crashes at some point (sometimes on the first try sometimes on the tenth...

How to teleport using hand tracking in Unity

Hello everyone. I am a new developer using Oculus with Unity and I am trying to use hand tracking on my application, but I can't find any resources about how to create a teleport system using just hand tracking. Do you know where I can learn how to d...

How to get browser logs?

Hi! My quest default browser keeps crashing on meta quest 2. How do I check logs? I tried the oculus log gatherer tool but I can't see anything useful. Is there a way to specifically obtain browser logs? Thanks!