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Minecraft for oculus quest??

I posted this before and for some reason it got deleted, I was wondering when Minecraft for the quest would come out, I know you can sideload the gear vr version, and stream vivecraft from a pc using virtual desktop (it’s super laggy) so I was wonder...

Renderdoc for Quest: no Render Stage Trace

Following the instructions at I expected to see a render stage trace. But clicking the "oculus logo" button in the Event Browser has no effect for me, and the Tile Timeline...

Cant Figure out Oculus IAP

Hey I am trying to do in app purchases with oculus quest I made the SKU's, got approved for IAP, and have platform SDK in my unity project. But I have tried all the tutorials and cant figure it out! Any help is appreciated thanks.

Room scale for mapping walls

Hello, I have set up passthrough but I'm wondering if there are any resources for setting up walls like in the Beyond World. I've looked around but I can't really find anything. Thanks in advanced.

Self updating APK's

Hello everybody,since private release channels for the Oculus Quest are only available under certain conditions, it is very difficult for B2B developers to create a CI pipeline for private apps. Alternatively, self updating APKs can be integrated int...

AWSI by Level 2
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Accessing second input source in WebXR

I have existing code using Three.js and my own to move around inside an active WebXR environment. The code started crashing late last fall and I'm trying to figure out why. When only one controller is connected to the headset there is no problem. The...

Developing new gamepad for Quest 2

We are in the process of designing a new custom gamepad to supplement the Quest 1 and Quest 2 VR controllers. We would like support around integrating the additional controls while maintaining some or all of the control inputs from the Quest controll...

AppSW on Unity 2021

Hi All! In the documentation of AppSW (Application Space Warp) ( it is stated that compatibility with Unity 2021 was very close.Is there any place I can track the progress of that? Or is the...

Implementing AppSW but not able to turn it on

I've implemented AppSW on my Quest port:- updated the latest versions of Unity 2021- Oculus Integration- URP Custom branchI have enabled OVRManager.SetSpaceWarp(true) and OVRManager.GetSpaceWarp() shows true, but the OVRMetrics does not show ASW enab...

Texture artifacts from Google Seurat

Hi thereI am currently porting a Unity SteamVR experience to the Quest, and as the scene was quite detailed, and the entire experience occurs in a single space, it seemed ideal to use Google Seurat to generate the background scenery. This has worked ...

edekker by Level 3
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Can't set correct guardian floor level

Update V40 seems to have broken my floor settings. Every time I try to set the floor level for guardian or space setup (new), the floor is always detected about 2 inches to a foot ABOVE the actual floor, and actually goes HIGHER when I stand up from ...

JeffNik by Level 7
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Hand tracking -> no hands rendering

Hello, I'm trying to test the hands interactions train scene, but have no hands rendering in the scene. Same with the hand test scene. All seems to be well configured but still no hands input visible on the scene (the gesture to get the menu is worki...

Resolved! Disable account sign in while developing

Hey all,I'm hoping to find a way to disable the account sign in on a quest 2 while developing on it.I am finding it quite tedious to hit the sign in each time I put the headset on to test something fresh while developing. Is it possible to disable th...