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Age Limit for Developing?

Hi! I have an idea for an app I want to develop for the quest 2 but I’m not sure if there’s an age limit. I’m 13 and just want to mess around with developing an app but want to make sure there isn’t an age limit somewhere in the system that will prev...

OculusClient.exe wont login

Disconnect the cable from the computer.Disconnect the computer from the internet.Reboot into Safe Mode.Uninstall Oculus PC app using the Control Panel.Delete all Oculus folders from the following folder:C:\Program FilesRemove any Oculus folders from ...

algeze22 by Honored Guest
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Resolved! cant submit app because assets metadata dont save

Whenever I try to add assets, for example, the logo or the cover art, it all uploads fine and I see it uploaded, but then when I click "save changes" it just doesn't save them and instead deletes them, when I try again, it does the same thing. I can'...

Quest 3 is not turning off the WIFI

For health reasons I need to reduce to the minimal expression the Electro Magnetic Fields so my house is a almost perfect zero EMF zone, that changed with the Quest 3 which even though says that it turns off or on the Wifi I know with the help of a s...

Tavoff by Honored Guest
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APKs being over-written

I have 5 APKs I've built in Unity 2022.3.7f1. This project has worked in my Quest 2 before, multiple APKs uploaded from it. When I install the APKs (sidequest, ADB, dev console) the uploaded APK overwrites the previous one. I can do this individually...

201010 by Honored Guest
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Getting to Android 32 with Unreal 4.27.2

Hi all, Quick summary here of what we needed to do to get our app(s) updated to API 32 - with Unreal 4.27.2A bunch of this info seems spread out in other posts and I though collecting it in one spot might save others some painUpdating to API 32:- usi...

daver99 by Protege
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Best fitness game?

I was looking at a tennis game and heard it would burns tons of calories, but it was like $30. I felt that was too much for just one game, I’m assuming there’s a game where you can play lots of games for a single price? Or maybe I should get like thr...

r1awan5 by Honored Guest
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Cloth Simulation in Oculus Quest?

Hello,I tried to build a demo(including very very small size of cloth simulation) and played in oculus quest2(stand alone),but cloth simulation did not work, actually it showed just a mesh without any cloth simulation.However, Played Correctly in Unr...

dkweon by Honored Guest
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Meta Quest 3 + UE 5.1.1 .apk crashes

Hi fellow developers,I am in a time crunch trying to wrap up a project which runs just fine on Meta Quest Pro, but the same APK crashes after 3 seconds of black screen on Meta Quest 3. I tried to build a basic VR template as well to see if that works...

Spectator Camera for Casting

Hey All, I've been trying to get the Oculus Spectator mode ( working, but I can't even get the example scene to work. The switch between first-person view and spectator view doe...

Justvdl by Explorer
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Resolved! Quest 2 support on NVIDIA Quadro T2000 vis PC Link?

Hi, my colleague and I are developing on Windows PC/laptop for Quest 2, using OpenGL. I have an NVIDIA Quadro P5200, and can successfully run the OculusRoomTiny_GL executable from my laptop and display on the Quest 2 via the PC Link cable (hooray!) H...

rtschnell by Honored Guest
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Launching Eye-tracking Calibration remotely

Hi!I work for a research institute where we're planning on using Meta Quest Pro headsets to run a study involving eye-tracking. To get reliable eye-tracking data, we need to calibrate the device for each participant individually.Is there a way to do ...

Selling physical products in a VR experience

I'm working on an app where users will be able to fill a cart with real, physical items. I'm trying to figure out how to perform checkout, it would be great if there was a one-click solution. Is there a way to use the built in quest checkout for phys...

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