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urgent quest!! please help

I m gonna export this VR headphone to other countries and the airline need to UN38.3 test report.anyone has a link or something smillar UN38.3 test report??I need it urgent!!!!!!!!

Quest: check if HandTracking or Controller is active

Is there a way in Unity to check if Handtracking is active or controller?With OVRHand.IsTracked I can check if a hand is currently tracked, but this does not tell me if handtracking is active.Also, is there a similar command to check if teh Quest los...

Oculus update 0.39 broke UE4 game

My game using UE 4.25 has worked perfectly for a long time but after the latest Quest update 0.39 it will no longer launch. All that happens is the home menu disappears for a few seconds and re appears. It doesn't even generate a log file if I make a...

handtracking annoying System Gesture

I was wondering if it is possible to disable the hand-tracking System Gesture (open palm towards the headset to bring up the Oculus universal menu) for Quest in Unity. This function interferes with my custom hand-tracking UI, as I'm using finger pinc...

Resolved! Oculus Integration 31.0 Passthrough API does not work

Has anyone managed to enable the passthrough function? I've tried the Oculus Integration 31.0 passthrough sample scenes, but I'm getting the error "Failed to initialize Insight Passthrough. Pa...

korinVR by Level 5
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UE 4.27 Quest 2 Lobby

Hi guys, I've managed to create a matchmaking lobby unfortunately I'm stuck at trying to JoinSession() on the second headset. I read on that listen ser...

Hand physics Capsules not following the fingers

Hello, So I have a working project with the new version 13, when I tick "Enable Physics Capsules" in OVR Skeleton script, inside the OVRHandPrefab, the capsules behave wired.So, as soon as the hands are detected, the capsules appear basically at the ...

Background application to control charging

Hey! I am gonna be buying a quest 2 soon. But I really don't want to deal with charging the battery. I want to keep the battery between 20%-80% charge (The level of charge in which the least amount of damage to the battery over time is done) So I was...

Sa1tine by Level 2
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How do I download player data?

Hi,Sorry that this is a really basic question but I couldn't see how to find the answer. I want to be able to track my player throughout the game (on a Quest 2) and then download the data (where they went, what they did etc) onto a PC - could someone...

Resolved! Black screen on start on Quest 2 (Unity)

I am now using Unity 2019.4.36, recently updated from Unity 2019.4.23. I rebuilt my Quest 2 project and deployed to the device and now it launches a black screen. Trying to unravel what has changed/not changed. I'm using Android API 30. Is this the c...

App can't access mic when recording

All of our apps on Quest 2 use a voice recognition UI. Starting with OS version 38, our voice recognition can't access the mic if we're recording video. Our headsets that still have OS version 37 can still record the in-headset audio and access voice...

VR Trauma Research

Hi all, I'm a trauma surgeon and have been developing an advanced VR trauma training program at my university using the Quest. I've been combing the Oculus website trying to figure out how to get in touch with the actual company to see if they partne...

three dots - missing obb patch file?

I keep getting three dots when I download an update from the store. It happens when the download is a partial update, not a full reinstall. I have to uninstall and do a full re-install. Looking at adb logcat, I see that it is not finding an obb patch...

Using external USB-C camera

Hello,I'm trying to use an external USB-C camera connected to the Oculus Quest HMD. I'm trying to access to this camera in Unity. When connected, I'm using Android native API to ask for USB permission. But unfortunately the permission dialog does not...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Material rendering with passthrough

Hey all - sorry for pasting in a tweet but I don’t have the video on my phone! This is the issue I am having: As you can see the material is rendering behind the UI element when passthr...

Resolved! Hand tracking with Quest 2

I'm considering buying a Quest 2 for our perception lab, but there's one question that I keep being unclear about, so I hope someone here can answer it: I need to be able to access the (23 DOF?) hand tracking data, and save it for offline analysis. S...

Optimization extensions for Vulkan

It would be great to have performance counters and shader disassembly built right into Vulkan. Check out VK_AMD_shader_info, this way we can dump disassembly into logcat or even display in the app itself!It would be really cool if you would give us a...

onatto by Level 2
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