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Remote control Meta Quest 2 with smartphone or laptop

Hi dear members! My name is Diederick Geers and I own a Meta Quest 2. For a project of a client, we are using the Meta Quest VR 2 to create 360 videos for the company's open day. Guests on the open day are going to experience these VR videos through ...

DieckG by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Refund Quest IAP Purchases?

I've been searching around but is there no information about if it's possible to refund IAP to someone who accidentally purchased items in game. Is this possible to do?

MQDH - Multi OBB package upload

Hello! I'm looking for some help/clarification for the Meta Quest Developer Hub's build deployment feature. The Documentation Page covers the basics of using MQDH to upload an application to the Quest, which seems to work fine as long as the app only...

Quest now unusable for developers and demos

I have an application that we are constantly modifying and before publishing the application to App Lab we sideload the APK for testing. This testing APK allows access to settings otherwise not available in our App Lab build. As of late the device is...

Unsupervised VR app - kiosk mode

Hello everyone,We are currently realising a VR app in Unity for an exhibition in a museum (Meta Quest 3). In order to make the interaction as easy as possible for the visitors, we do not use navigation and only gaze-based interaction with a small set...

CheGeGo by Honored Guest
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Having Trouble with Oculus 2 DropDead game.

Ok there are several parts in this game where you see a megga phone mic.. You can grab it and press a button and the mic wants some type of command to keep the zombies off you. SOME PLAYERS TOLD ME TO PRESS AND HOLD TILL FULLY CHARGED AND SAY MEGGA B...


Hand occlusion with hand tracking

Basically, just use the vr hands (that are tracking on the real hands) as a mask to not show the menu when you hold your hand up in front of something digital (in mixed reality). You could make this a setting or not. This was done in the game "vr han...

O.Q.2 - Worst produuct i ever used

the worst and most pointless device I have ever encountered in my life.Don't get me wrong - the hardware is fine, it's great.But the software and working shell are simply INDEQUATE. It is impossible to simply turn on the helmet normally - it requires...

Artem18 by Honored Guest
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Develop an app on Meta Quest 3

I am looking to develop an app running on MetaQuest3 for agriculture crop issues. The app shall read GPS (reading a Bluetooh GPS advertisement) and display crop info data (retrieved through HTTP + REST) based on user location. Something like this: ht...

Colateral by Honored Guest
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Question about Upload App to Store

when I upload the app by ovr-platform-util.exe.the Question is stop at the Retrieving up load files.and when I use developer hub upload the App Package, the page is show me Installing latest can I resolve the question

企业微信截图_17083323905786.png 企业微信截图_17083328168555.png
DaKar321 by Honored Guest
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Please bring back health connect or add fitbit

My wife and I use fit bits for daily activity and exercise and I was excited to add it to my quest 3 but found out the health connect app is no longer an option to sync. Please bring this back or integrate proper fitbit support like some of the fitne...

my org

its not letting me verify my org just lemme publish a game 

Bot_vr by Honored Guest
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I have a fan made superhero VR game idea

I have a fan made superhero VR game idea. And I would like to find someone to make it. They can take full credit for the game idea. I'm not really interested in the money or fam. I just want to get my fan made superhero VR game made. So I can play my...

Resolved! Developer - verify account not working

Hi all,Just got my Quest 3 but stuck at verify developer account. Neither options work, credit card or phone (and logged in using the authenticator app). Meta chat routed me to this forum for support. Appreciate any help.

Setting up Multimodal hands & controllers

Hi,I am trying to run Multimodal feature outlined in Meta recent blog posts ( device is Quest Pro with OS version and Quest Pro controllers. I am working i...


WebSocket not connecting

Hello,I am currently developing an application under Unity 2019.3.8.f1. Device target is Oculus Quest (1 for the moment, 2 then). .Net framework is 4.0.In my application I need to open a websocket to my own server in order to send some data. Problem ...

Accepting Group Presence invites inside the app

Hi guys @OculusSupport , I'm implementing the multiplayer in my app using the Group Presence / Destinations APIs + Photon, using Unity 2020.Problem: - I can't find a way to let the users accept an invitation without going to the Notifications panel i...

Scicer by Explorer
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The helmet does not work oculus rift cv1

Здравствуйте, у меня проблема, программа Meta Quest Link постоянно перезапускает драйверы шлемов и не может ее обнаружить (шлем oculus rift cv1). Подскажите пожалуйста что делать?

Overlay apps like AVP has For Quest

Hello,Are there any tutorials or doc on how you can create an app that just exists within a set Window like Apple Vision Supports?I'd like to make a simple passive companion game (think pets) that can accompany you on the Quest in a small 3D window t...

otis1017 by Honored Guest
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Passthrough renders on all unlit transparent materials

Hey I'm curious if anyone else has had this issue.I am working with passthrough in a quest app and I have a movable passthrough window as a tool for the user. It looks great and its rendering just the way I want it, it is based off of the oculus demo...

Poggle by Honored Guest
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Publishing android apps on Quest

I want to discuss about how to port android app to Quest. At current state, I can connect my Quest to PC and install the app with Android Studio, that's fine.I have read this article: Meta's CTO explains why Quest has so few Android apps And it state...

Syntey by Honored Guest
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Accessibility research general query

Hello, I was wondering if folks could help steer me in the right direction so I can find answers to the following questions:Is there an active accessibility community focused around the Quest product line (staff + user + researchers)? I am particular...

joshuagay by Honored Guest
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Muting charger plugin sound

Everytime I have my headset plugged in the charging port must be either dirty or bent inside but when it's plugged in it constantly makes this little jingle every millisecond and won't shut up. I have to unplug it in order to stop hearing the sound E...

Sabbathvr by Honored Guest
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Build problems in UE5.3

I'm trying to build to UE5 for Quest 2 and have followed the steps here TWICE. Unreal Engine 5.3.2 for Meta Quest VR | Epic Developer Community ( anyone tell me what's missing or why my builds are failing? I'm pretty sure it's a simp...

Screenshot 2024-02-14 130226.png
dvdsm by Honored Guest
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