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ESP32-BLE signal to Oculus

Hello everyone, I am trying to send Comand from my ESP32 to my Oculus Quest 1/2.I found 3 libraries (ESP32-BLE-Keyboard/ESP32-BLE-Mouse and ESP32-BLE-Gamepad) in Arduino, with which I can program the ESP32 and communicate with Android devices without...

OVR Metrics failing to launch

Hey! OVR Metrics used to work just fine on my Quest 1, and I was using it for performance profiling. However a colleague needed to use my Quest 1 and added her account via multi-user. Ever since then, OVR Metrics has failed to launch. Every time I tr...

App lab app guardian recquired

Hello, For some reasons my apps (applab) recquired the guardian to be activated and I cannot launch them without. This behavior is new as it's been working in the past. That's a big deal to me as my customers are not happy. I've done some research in...

Text to Speech - tried several ways.... no success

Hi I bought sevel TTS from store - not working on built android. One has mentioned that it may be caused by missing google link on Oculus Quest? Is that the case?? Thanks in advance. (I tried Takohi Games Android TTS Plugin, Frecre Easy TTS, Android ...

Marc201 by Level 3
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Disable guardian in passthrough mode

We have an app that has passthrough enabled at all times so you can walk around your location and add virtual items to the real world. However, the player is required to travel across far distances in real life while using the app.Is there a way for ...

Transfer video from pc to oculus quest 2

Hello, We build a client server app that transfer video file from PC to OCULUS Quest 2 through socket.(java Server code running on PC and android client app running on oculus).the code run perfectly where the connection is successfully established an...

Casting from Q2 to phone on secondary account?

My partner is the Admin/primary account on the Quest 2. He can connect his phone on the app and cast just fine, so I can watch him play from his phone. But if I want to play on my account, the secondary, he can’t watch me play.We can’t cast via my ac...

WebSocket doesn't open

Hello,I am currently working on the development of an app under Unity 2019.3.8.f1. Device target is Oculus Quest 1 & 2 (focus on 1 for the moment). Script are developed in C# 4.0.My problem is : to exchange data, I want to open a websocket. The code ...

Oculus Integration or XR?

I have been creating a game which I am hoping to get onto the Quest 2 in the future. Whilst everything has been running smoothly using the XR plugins I was recently told that for games to be published within Oculus the Integration kit needs to be use...

Spatial Anchors - why track them per frame?

I'm learning about spatial anchors. My test app can create them, make them persistent between sessions and query them at startup. So at the start of the app, you can query them, make them trackable and display specific content at their location. My q...

JeffNik by Level 7
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I can't open my app in Quest Menu

I made a app in Unityin Build and run's auto played app is ok, but if i close app and reopen from menu, that show nothing, and return to explore menu. Anybody know how to fix it??

vv4348 by Level 2
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Publish my app on Oculus Store

Hi everyone,I have a big doubt, i have created 9 applications, which are tools for psychologists and psychotherapists.The apps are sold under license to be updated on a year and year basis. therefore the apps have a login where the user accesses via ...

Argan93 by Level 2
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Bluetooth (Generic BLE signal) to Quest

I'd like to communicate to a Quest from a generic Blueotooth BLE device (such as Arduino, etc.). It was not possible with the Go. I believe the radio could see BLE advertisements but could not connect to generic devices using generic protocols. It ca...

EMebane by Level 2
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Shared-space multiplayer gameplay with Quest 2?


I'm a junior game developer and I've been hired by a VR arcade company to develop their first in-house video game, a location-based/shared-space multiplayer VR FPS. I'm having a very hard time ensuring the virtual space (i.e. the game in the head


AnAerVR by Level 3
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problem with unity build and Quest

Hello, I was trying to test how to import a unity build on oculus quest and i encountered an infinite loading screen problem.-activate developer mode in my oculus quest settings-make a simple scene with a camera, light and a cube to observe in unity ...

Resolved! MSAA 4x is required for games?

Hey! From the documentation:"In the Anti Aliasing list, select 4x. Unlike non-VR apps, VR apps must set the multisample anti-aliasing (MSAA) level appropriately high to compensate for stereo rendering, which reduces the effective horizontal resolutio...

Where/how to pitch a game for the main store?

A few years ago I found an example pdf on what a pitch for a game to Oculus would look like. I think it was here: ...but that link doesn't work anymore. How/where do we pitch a game for the main store th...

controller lost deirection, why??

Hi guys.I am making a game where the player moves around in a VR space, and the direction of forward movement is based on the direction of the controller, and the forward button is assigned to the B button instead of the thumb stick. I have a bug whe...

mixed reality experiences ?

-> Source FR <-I followed this site that says since 2021 we will have access to the camera overlay with the vr content we are watching(with its personal opacity setting) in order to always keep an eye on what we are doing... what about it? I think th...