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No Connection to App

I bought a Meta Quest 2 headset, created a Meta account, successfully logged in, and now I wanted to log in to the iOS Meta Quest app using the six-digit code. When that didn't work, I reinstalled the app and reset the headset to factory settings, bu...

metabaar by Honored Guest
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Free ringtones for every smartphone model

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Make Oculus rift S swap with Meta Quest possible

Hello everyone,I just asked Meta customer service for this thing and the support I got agreed with my idea ^^ I asked if it was possible to exchange my Oculus Rift S with a brand new Meta Quest 2.By "exchange" I mean that I send my Oculus Rift S and ...

Unable to run unity project through Quest link

Hi,I'm trying to run the unity project in Oculus quest 2 device through Quest link.I connected the device to the system via USB 3.0 cable (as recommended)I enabled Oculus link in the device which launches the Oculus app in the system.In the Oculus ap...

gtkVR by Honored Guest
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How to parse IMU value of Oculus Quest 2?

Hi I'm doing a robot making contest and needs IMU value(espically yaw rotation) to deploy my camera video to my Oculus Quest 2. I download the C++ SDK for Quest 2.My develope environments are like belowUse C++ and OpenCV 4.7.0Qt Creator(Qt 6.4.2)MinG...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Can't verify my developer account

I tried adding developer status to my account with the developer dashboard but I can't verify my account. I tried using authenticator apps but it didn't work. I also don't have access to a mobile number or credit card so that's out of the question


i was using my quest 2 perfeclty then i bought other one so i did factory reset to my old quest 2 and now i tried to start again to pair it with my phone and i can see that i have the same code even if i made factory reset much time same code and won...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Issue Adding User to Release Channel

I am attempting to add a user via our App Manger/App Lab at but I am unable to add the following user: I have had no issues adding other users, but I continue to receive an error message when attempting to...

image (32).png image (31).png

WWise Crash Help

I've been integrating Wwise into our game and it seems to run ok on PC and in the editor but crashes on Quest. This seems to happen just after loading the level and started happening after adding some code to trigger events when physics objects colli...

oh_cripes by Honored Guest
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Enable Development Build in Unity

Hi, I'm using Render Doc to capture a frame in my VR app on Quest 2, I have sucessfully connected Quest with a Render Doc, however when i access to the file I intended to capture, it says" Android app not set up for Render Doc capture " and asked me ...


Meta Avatars -- tons of asserts and errors

I'm having extreme difficulty networking Meta Avatars with Photon Fusion. I'm using SampleAvatarEntity and trying to set the configuration when the object is spawned, and then I try to load the avatar with the appropriate User ID. Loading the avatars...

Issue with Browser and VR Mode

We've found that when we launch a View intent with a WebXR link from a third party application, the Oculus Browser doesn't always show VR Mode as an available option. This is true for Youtube, as well as products like 3D Vista. Is this a known issue?...

Two Technical Questions

Hello, everyoneI have interest in Meta Quest 2 or newest versionI have Intel NUC 13 Pro Kit (Small Intel CPU installed PC), to where a camera is connectedThat camera will send indoor live stream to NUCAlso, that NUC has OS as Ubuntu 20That NUC has US...

NexReal by Honored Guest
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IAP not working - "Insufficient permission"

Hi,My App Lab game (Home Detective) has been out for about a month and a half, and I've had one IAP enabled and running fine since then (the second level with SKU: LEVEL2).Two weeks ago I added a third level, and an associated IAP for that (with SKU:...

WhatsApp Image 2023-07-06 at 20.13.21.jpeg

Game crashing when recording (According to logs)

Game is Tracejava.lang.Error: FATAL EXCEPTION [Thread-3]Unity version : 2021.3.25f1Device model : Oculus ...

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