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manage hundred headset for e-learning

hello,My company needs to create some e-learning vr apps for an hundred headsets (quest2). The learner will be never the same on each headset. Do we need to create an account per headset or can we install and manage all of them with one account.Thank...

wipon_dev by Honored Guest
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Calibrating position in real space

We're developing apps that work in large real spaces with the guardian system disabled. As such we need to perfectly align the user in physical and real space. To do that, we're using a controller as the calibration point. This requires the user to p...

crossmr by Protege
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Quest Pro controller Tracking frequency and Latency

What is the tracking frequecy of quest pro controllers, and position update latencyi.e how many time a second controller updates its position using camera based tracking and what is the Latency.I really appreciate if any one can help me with this, as...

badnpro by Explorer
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No referral credit

Hello,I received a referral link to be referred by a friend, so I registered and I accepted the referral to then activate for the first time my quest 2, but unfortunately I did not get the 30 credits afterwards. I was not yet friends with the person ...

Closing thoughts...

---------------------------------------DISCLAIMER: Things can greatly change during the upcoming days, and this could end up no longer being true in that time, so be sure to take all of this with a grain of salt.--------------------------------------...

Promotional bundle purchase

I purchased an OCULUS Quest 2 w/ "Best Saber" included, this was a Christmas gift for my son, once we unwrapped and charged the unit we were unable to download the included "Beat Saber". We made this purchase well in advance of Dec 25 to ensure we'd ...

Please impove user experience

I have a meta quest 2 and i must say the accessibility sucks. Please if there is anyone developing the software:1) there is no folder organization. This would help soo much. Some people like to organize aplications and games into categories. 2) no cu...

D4rthPunk by Honored Guest
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Test User Password

I've been using the same set of Test Users for a while now. For the first time in about a year, I find I need to know the password for one of them, but I don't have the passwords written down anywhere.Is there somewhere to retrieve password informati...

LordGoon by Honored Guest
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Payment issues on quest 2

I got a visa gift card for Christmas which I used to buy games and after i had it saved as mg payment method I threw it away and I refunded 2 games I bought with that card and now the card has been deleted off my account and I can’t access the money ...

Tracking while on a moving vehicle

Hi, I was wondering if there is any way to prioritize vslam over acceleration when the player himself knows he is sitting in the ride. I would especially like to do this with quest pro. Currently, when a large acceleration is applied, the position is...

haiattoc by Honored Guest
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In-app purchase failed. errorCode=0

Hi, I have been trying to integrate IAPs into a Unity VR project using the Oculus SDK. I have a free consumable add-on defined in the developer console (I haven't set up payment info) and then in my C# code I have:IAP.LaunchCheckoutFlow(product.Sku)....