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Emperor's Vigor Tonic Review: Should You Buy?

What is Emperor's Vigor Tonic?Emperor's Vigor Tonic is a nutritional supplement marketed primarily to men with erectile dysfunction. Each capsule of Emperor's Vigor Tonic contains a blend of ingredients designed to support sexual function in differen...

meta quest 1

i just got a second hand quest 1. i factory reset it and added it to the app. i then downloaded hyper dash and tried to play it but i got a warning saying this app requires the latest oculus software version. please leave you headset on, connected to...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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App Deeplink - Unity

Hello,This script woks just fine. I have it in another project. I was using it in my current project and it too was working just great, but today, suddenly when I collide with the GameObject that has the script on it instead of launching the app (Rea...

Quests dropping off local WIFI network?

Hi,We are using a number of quests using Showtime for a group performance. In general things are working well (once the sensors have been disabled in MQDH and sleep timers set to 15 mins!) However we are using a local wifi setup (a router just for th...

OVR Metric Tool + AirLink do not save metrics

Dear Quest development community, I have an issue when using OVR Metric tool with AirLink.OVR Metric tool is correctly installed and I am using it through the Meta Quest Developer Hub. Everything is fine, when I am using it with a VR app running on t...



Hi. I have a racing game for the Quest 2 with 150 races and 30 cars. Currently I have set up 150 leaderboards (1 for each race). I am storing the player name and time and in the extra data I am storing the car ID.The Oculus leaderboard system doesn't...

MK1_Dev by Explorer
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Lost keystore

We have lost the original keystore file and are unable to upload new versions to the release channels. How do we go about solving this?


I reset my PC and forgot to backup my keystore and I can't figure out how to reset it or get it back. Does anyone know how to get it back from my apk so I can update it or something like that? I might have it backed up on my other PC but the hard dri...

Connecting to headset has failed

I cannot connect my Quest 2 headset to Meta Quest Developer Hub, it just says "Connecting to headset has failed. If the issue persists, try restarting MQDH."I have tried restarting it several times. I've also ensured my Windows 10 PC has all Microsof...

MartinBF by Honored Guest
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The error message:SocketError.Accessdenied

Hi guys, could someone help me? I'm making an online game. When testing on quest2, it was found that on the V35 system, it can be connected through the Internet (TCP protocol). However, on the V56 system, it cannot be connected through the Internet (...

Switching from VR mode to 2D mode in unity?

I'm trying to allow my Oculus Quest app to switch from VR mode to 2D mode or vice versaI'm using Unity.This can be done on Cardboard/Daydream like this by switchin XR modes: it possib...

Saving progress from quest 2 help

So support recently told me that I should try to factory reset my quest 2 because it’s very slow doesn’t have enough memory for any worlds in vrc so I’m gonna factory reset it and I’d like to save my the walking dead progress on my pc and move it my ...

yunnun by Honored Guest
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Bluetooth Permissions

Hello,I am trying to connect to a Bluetooth device on the Quest 2 through my Unity application. Whenever I launch the application I get a debug error message of not having the required Bluetooth permission. I have made sure that I include these permi...

vartech by Explorer
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UE5 Quest 2 XR

And how can I switch between controllers and Hand Tracking by pressing a key? Is there such a function? And one more question, how can I enable pass-through cameras on the oculus?

Babaq3228 by Honored Guest
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Interactive world in VR

Hello community, I'm wonder for know how to do complex interactions as manipulate an industrial lever for Virtual Reality applications, my project was setted using Oculus Integration but when I grab an object with my virtual hand the behaviour is wei...

Passthrough Windows

Hello. I want to create a window with a material that uses Passthrough following the documentation, but I can’t find the material that the documentation says “PokeAHoleMaterial”. I am using 5.1.

mrclcoupe by Honored Guest
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I'm having trouble publishing the add-on I created?

Hello all, I am adding in-app purchases to my Oculus app. I have created add-ons and provided all the details, but when I try to publish the add-on, it says "Please finish filling out your add-on's metadata." I have already provided the add-on metada...

Display a 200 meter 3D model in passthrough mode

Hi,Figmin XR and Gravity Sketch can't display a large 3D model. So I decided to create a standalone demo capable of doing that. How to adjust Unity3D parameters to display a 3D model as large as possible?This is the biggest 3d model i have seen in pa...

Review Ringtone Selection

Ringtone Selection:Sometimes, the chosen suonerie gratis mp3 download might have been accidentally changed. Go to your device's sound settings and select the desired ringtone for calls and notifications. Default Ringtone:If you've customized ringtone...