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When connecting Quest 2 to PC it gets static

Whenever I connect my Oculus Quest 2 to my PC using the cable or the air link, the screen becomes very staticky. I've tried changing the resolution and graphics, but it didn't work. Does anyone have ideas or know how I can fix this?

5k4lar by Level 2
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ADB not running logcat properly

Adb does not seem to be behaving properly with my quest 2. Windows 10, connecting over wifi. I plugged the quest in with USB, did an adb devices and the quest was listed. I ran:adb tcpip 5555 and then unplugged the quest I ran adb connect IPaddress a...

crossmr by Level 4
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Calling ALL Game Creators

Can we get some learning games for our school aged children? Something like a letter/number recognition. Math equation race game. Something fun, interactive, multi-player, fun & bright. Who can create LEARNING games that kids actually WANT to PLAY?? ...

Large Roomscale alternative for Oculus

Hello everyone! I am currently trying to develop a game where 4 people can enter 1 large room and play together in 1 lobby. The room is a set dimension because this game will only be “playable” at a certain location. With it being a large play area I...


If you could categorize third person games from first. It would really make things easier for people like myself looking for third person games only. Right now I buy a lot and return a lot looking for them. Thanks for your time.

Maskolo by Level 2
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Quest brightness

Im already with the latest V33 and the brighness slider. But with the lowest brightness and darkmode on, its still burning my eyes! I need more lower brightness choice for keeping my eyes working and for the battery lifetime!There are already some ap...

Fxcher by Level 2
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In the year that I've had the Oculus 2, the browser keeps getting worse. Each iteration takes up more and more actual browser window real estate. First there were the double height tabs at the top of the window. Then there was a ridiculous and useles...

32 Bit Display Buffer Performance

Oculus recommends enabling "use32BitDisplayBuffer" in Unity. My questions are: What are the reasons for this recommendation?Are there any performance implications on Quest or, more specifically Quest 2? Or is it "just free."Does this also enable a hi...


Please add an attachment for feet so people can kickbox and see Pau soccer and kick field goals and play kickball. Etc. it would have lots of uses!!

Virtual Environment and the Boundary

My most frustrating challenge is my inability to fully explore the default virtual environment, end to end. For example, I selected the Japanese City background, and no matter how large I expand my border (given that technical limitation), I can't ev...

blumga by Level 2
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Resolved! Sudden error on Unity OVR Build and Run APK

Working on a game in the App Lab in Unity for months and never had an issue before when uploading to my Quest.Haven't changed/updated/whatever and now when I hit the OVR Build APK and RunIt builds the apk and gets up to Installing APK but then gives ...

JediL by Level 3
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Unable to install Oculus App

hey, my game won't install, and I can't even delete the game the game is beat saber demo this is really bothering me, and I can't even play games that I bought I also try turn off my vr and did the robot restart thing and it won't work I don't want t...

Developer Hub does not find my Quest 2

In the photo below, you can see that my Quest 2 is found by the consumer Oculus app, but not the Developer Hub. I can't figure out why. I has been working with the Developer Hub until about a week ago. I'm actually in the middle of a paid freelance p...


Adb shell start - how?

I can successfully install my (unity developed) myapp.apk file onto the Quest 2. Two issues:1. Where does adb actually put the app?2. I want to be able to start and restart my app at will. I can "adb shell" but when I run "start" it requires root. So...

Wireless microphone compatibility

Could anyone help or point me in the right direction. I would like to design an app or a settings option which would enable the user to connect a third party wireless headset. I believe that microphone faults are on an increase whether they be hardwa...