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Meta Avatars -- tons of asserts and errors

I'm having extreme difficulty networking Meta Avatars with Photon Fusion. I'm using SampleAvatarEntity and trying to set the configuration when the object is spawned, and then I try to load the avatar with the appropriate User ID. Loading the avatars...

Issue with Browser and VR Mode

We've found that when we launch a View intent with a WebXR link from a third party application, the Oculus Browser doesn't always show VR Mode as an available option. This is true for Youtube, as well as products like 3D Vista. Is this a known issue?...

Two Technical Questions

Hello, everyoneI have interest in Meta Quest 2 or newest versionI have Intel NUC 13 Pro Kit (Small Intel CPU installed PC), to where a camera is connectedThat camera will send indoor live stream to NUCAlso, that NUC has OS as Ubuntu 20That NUC has US...

NexReal by Honored Guest
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IAP not working - "Insufficient permission"

Hi,My App Lab game (Home Detective) has been out for about a month and a half, and I've had one IAP enabled and running fine since then (the second level with SKU: LEVEL2).Two weeks ago I added a third level, and an associated IAP for that (with SKU:...

WhatsApp Image 2023-07-06 at 20.13.21.jpeg

Game crashing when recording (According to logs)

Game is Tracejava.lang.Error: FATAL EXCEPTION [Thread-3]Unity version : 2021.3.25f1Device model : Oculus ...

Meta theme environment scene example?

I would be happy to take a sneaky look at the home scenes from Meta to understand how the hell they reach 72 fps with that level of detail I can't get more than 40fps on a yet optimized simple scene of my own, whatever I use (baked lightmap only, mi...

Confused about entitlement

Hi there, so I'm slightly confused about the entitlement check I was wondering if someone could clarify this for us. You can't do an entitlement check unless the platform is initialized, and if I revoke the entitlement for a user (to test my entitlem...


My oculus when I try to play games it says unable to verify user and I can’t play half my games

Bl1nkgm by Honored Guest
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OpenXR Runtime

Hello,When trying to play any games on-air link which have worked perfectly in the past now won't work. It brings me to a black screen because my OpenXR needs to be set to active, in which case it's not. I tried clicking set oculus as active and it d...


Link Cable issues

So I've noticed since I updated the headset and driver that the quest Link cable no longer seems to be functioning like how it used to, as in it constantly disconnects, and when it does connect for longer than a minute I do not have any audio, or no ...

oculus integration SDK OVRcameraRig component

I am using unity. Someone knows how could I get the "enable passthrough" checkbox in experimental feature button? Because I saw people use it below 39.0 and almost everyone who does has lower that 35,0. Been for a while searching but no results.

myhelshik by Honored Guest
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Meta Avatar Wrist offset

How can I offset the hand of the players meta avatar from the controller? If someone is using a grip then the hand shown should be holding the grip handle not the controller.

Quest Passthrough and URP

Currently working on an app that uses both VR and Passthrough. I want to update to URP, but when I do that I lose Passthrough entirely (just black). Works totally fine in Standard. I am not using an post-processing (it is disabled on the main camera)...

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