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Getting hand position after pinch

Hey all,New to all of this and I am trying to record the position of hands in real time and after a pinch gesture. How do I access the hand tracking position? I currently have the following hierarchy with the Transform Feature State Provider script a...


Hand Tracking menu ruins game play

The first thing people do with hand tracking is look at their hands.The second thing they do is touch their fingers.Then Quest shuts down the game; because that's the hand gesture Meta chose as an 'escape' key.I encourage players to see/feel their ha...

Developer Mode Phone Verification Not Sending

I want to be able to make some games in vr and play them on my Quest, but whenever I try and verify my Developer account by text, the text never sends. No matter what phone I use, it just won't send. I could really use some help, I've been stuck on t...

How can i get the semantic classification to work?

OVRSceneAnchor[] sceneAnchors = FindObjectsOfType(); OVRSceneAnchor floorAnchor = null; if (sceneAnchors != null) { for (int i = 0; i < sceneAnchors.Length; i++) { OVRSceneAnchor instance = sceneAnchors[i]; OVRSemanticClassification classification = ...

Quest 3 or Quest Pro?

That's a real question, because Quest 3 specs are not announced on the official page.Per scene, the game I am working on uses only 1 lightmap, 5-10 materials, 1-5 realtime lights, and 1 or 2 dynamic objects only, however the fps is very low and make ...

Spectator Mode for Quest2

Accidently posted in the Comunity Forums by accident before hopefully someone in here might know a bit more. Looking for any documentation on how to implement the spectator mode shown recently at a oculus event. Basically the feature is a separate ca...

How have you not fixed this

Hello I recently was told my graphics card isn’t compatible with oculus. However it is stronger than the listed recommended one. I was told that apparently oculus is not compatible with specifically the nvidia geforce GTX 1650. It seems to be compati...

crackupj by Honored Guest
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Controller tracking and refresh rate

I'm looking for an in-depth understanding of Quest 2 controller tracking and differences between 72hz and 90hz headset refresh rate. Does the controller actually track any differently between these two settings? My understanding is the controller tra...

Axmit by Explorer
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Rejection of admin verification request

I'm having no luck getting Meta to verify my admin request for my Meta Quest Developer account.I've uploaded a driver's license and passport as photo ID and made sure I adhered to all the stipulations for the image to be checked but I just get consta...

Reddo by Explorer
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We are dreaming of bringing unified unit computing environment to the meta. Thank you for helping.

drukpa by Honored Guest
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VR classroom

Hi there,I'm a developer focusing on the webXR side of VR using Meta Quest and I'm working on a project related to education for children that I'd like to share with you: link to the classroomFeedbacks is wellcome, thanks!

Ivangu by Honored Guest
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Deploying different builds by device type

Is it possible to deploy multiple versions of an application targeted towards different devices? ie, So that a Quest Pro, or Quest 2 or Quest 3 get served different versions of a particular app? I would use this for differentiating graphical fidelity...

MAXARTCO by Honored Guest
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Friend's invite list empty

I'm working on a unity project that is implementing the invite feature. The first time I tested the invite logic flow it was fine. I saw my coworker's account and sent an invite. The next time I tested it, my coworker's name didn't show up and I coul...

MattK_GPG by Honored Guest
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A new VR game project for children with cancer

To Meta Developer support. I'm Isamu Saeki.Lecturer, Department of Pediatric Surgery, Hiroshima University Hospital, JapanI first mailed to Business Support about this project and Introduced by Rodney (Meta Work Support) to ask here.At present, the D...

Hand Tracking not working in release

Hi- I've setup my project with controllers as hands as per and when run in development mode, all of my interactables work great. If I build in release mode, however...

arvinkx by Honored Guest
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