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My Game only works on Quest NOT Quest 2

My game runs fine on the Quest 1, but when I try to run it on the Quest 2, I get a whole bunch of shader compile errors...even for the default Unity Built in Mobile Shaders. Not sure why it would work for one and not the other. I'm porting my game fr...

Developer verification not coming up on app

I've verified my developer account, and made an organization, ect. But when I try to turn on developer mode on my ios app, it just said "To enable developer mode, join or create an organization and then verify your account." Then has a "Get Started b...

Oculus Game Commissions

Hello Can someone point me to resources/blogs/ FAQ's regarding how VR Game developers are paid for Games that are already in the store or to support development of games for the Quest. I searched but was not able to find anything specific. Thank you ...

Vulkan debug layer support

I can't get debug layers to work on Quest. vkEnumerateDeviceLayerProperties and vkEnumerateInstanceLayerProperties both return 0 results. Are validation layers not supported or am I doing something wrong (e.g loading the wrong .so)? See code belowI n...

Preferred audio rate-- 44100 or 48000?

I have a choice, when synthesizing the audio for my app, of doing so at 44100 or 48000 hz.Is one "better" or more natural for the Quest? That is, does the Quest have some "true" resolution that it is resampling to, such that in fact if I submit (for ...

mcc by Level 5
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Options to stream quest 2 [ html etc ]

Hi, I use grove for 5 glasses in my school.Only unfortionly grove cannot get the stream option to work.,I can stream a glass with the share option into my pc or chromecast...What i am looking for is a possible option for sream 5 -6 devices in to a ht...

Select only Quest 2 as supported device

I'd like for my app to only work on the Quest 2, I've specified this in the android manifest like this (). Yet when I upload my app onto the dashboard and preview it on the store page is says "Supported Platforms: Quest, Quest 2". Is there any other ...

Developer not showing up

So I was connecting my quest to my pc and it normally works, but when I went to Sidequest it wasn't being picked up. I went to my device manager and it was picked up there but said it had the wrong drivers when I had the ADB drivers installed on my c...

Sui_vr by Level 2
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Developer Mode is missing!

OMG! this morning, I turned ON my quest2 and schokingly found that my custom apps are gone under unknown sources. Then I look into my ouclus companion app and figured out that the developer mode is also missing! can't connect the headset to pc via ad...

ManickBi by Level 3
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Cannot enable developer mode on my Oculus Quest 2

Hi all,I currently have 4 developer organisations set up in my name; I have set them up from my PC and my phone; My PC, Quest 2, phone and all oculus apps are all logged into the same account and yet despite that fact, every time I click the button t...

CalMcW by Level 2
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What are good App Lab numbers?

I have an app on App Lab. Just wondering what would be considered good daily numbers for an app with no advertising...other than sidequest picking it up and listing it. It's been out a couple months and the numbers seem pretty consistent from what it...

problem putting quest in developer mode

i have made a organization as prompted to do after all of that when i go into app to click the tab to turn on developer mode it comes up with a icon that says become a developer and says start creating to register and a tab that says no thanks or sta...

Color Gamut

It isn't clear to me from the documentation. If I develop for Oculus Quest, should I change Color Gamut from 'Rift_CV1' to 'Rec_2020' or 'Quest'. If so, which one and why?

Oculus Quest + Intel RealSense D435i + Unity

Hello everybody, I'm designing a VR performance, in which the user would interact with a real-time point cloud of the space around them.I am using an Intel RealSense D435i depth camera (all the processing is done in the device) and an Oculus Quest, a...

Macro Recording Quest 2 Touch Controller Input

Does anyone know if it is possible through either ADB or something else, to be able to macro record the quest 2 touch controller inputs and playback the recorded macro after assigning it to hot key? Also would it make a difference if the quest 2 was ...