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How do you use Unreal Engine Dynamic Shadows?

So I've been struggling to get some dynamic shadows running on my Unreal 5.2.1 project,and I really want to use at least a few of them in my horror game, especially since the Quest 3'sGPU is approaching usable territory in that regard. Unreal's docum...

SharedUserID is breaking deeplinking

We're running into an issue with our apps, trying to use the Deeplinking system in Unreal 4.27, our app is targeting SDK 32, minimum 29.Once we call the LaunchOtherApp function, we see the app flashing, either to black if the deeplink target app is i...

Removing SharedUserID Flag from a legacy app

Hey everyone,We've got a handful of applications that were developed in the Oculus Go era and has been ported over through the years. Back then, we had enabled the SharedUserID flag (

Quest Low Latency Audio Playback?

Hello,I'm trying to port over my PC VR audio application (a drumming app) to the Quest, and from my initial tests I've noticed there to be a noticeable delay between when my audio events are triggered and when they're played. I recently saw this out ...

Quest 2 Bounday Not Responding

My friend is having trouble with his quest 2 with the boundary not saving and has done what he can to try to fix it he has reset it 6-8 times, watched videos on what to do, and has went to developer mode and none of that has helped, and now we are bo...

Unity WebCamTexture not supported on the Quest?

Hi,I am trying to access a UVC camera connected to the Quest 3’s USB port from Unity to render it using WebCamTexture. The camera itself is recognized by the Quest (I can show it using a standard android app called USB Camera.apk and there everything...

Xpomul33 by Honored Guest
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[Noob Question] Is Native deprecated

I was reading this tutorial seems like the setup progress has changed quite a bit from when the documentation is written. I try to find more resources on it but on youtube it really on...


unable to retrieve the user ID

Dear Meta Support Team, I hope this message finds you well. My team and I are currently developing an application that integrates with one of your platforms, and we have encountered a specific challenge that we hope you can assist us with.We are work...

Help regarding boundary system for mixed reality

Hi a few questions regarding the boundary system.We are a startup company that wants to create Mixed Reality applications for the Quest 3. These applications are typically used in large open spaces like museums/castles. To make these applications wor...

Support For Quest Link on Macbook m series laptops

Is there any planned support for using the quest link cable with Macbook m series chip devices? It is frustrating to run into a seemingly software wall of no support for Mac, where the mX series graphics capabilities are arguably the strongest they'v...

Create test users using Meta-id

As the title indicates, is it possible to create or select test users based on their Meta-id?I want to have my app tested by friendly users before I publish it to the Production Channel, but I don't want them to bother about special user prefixes, em...

Export space mesh scanned on quest 3?

Hey,To cut to the chase, I want to scan my entire house, then export the space so I can load it into a 3D model.This is so I can take that low poly version of my house interior, and make my own 3D model around it. (Which would be super simple walls, ...

tedats by Explorer
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Casting not available for app users

Our app was recently accepted for App Lab store, and now the users report that Casting functionality is unavailable in the app.When app is installed on device in developer mode, casting does work properly. But for the app installed from the store on ...

Horizon Worlds Link to Unity Game

How can I make a link from within a Meta Horizon World to a Meta-approved Unity-based game without the "quit app?" message being displayed?My Horizon World will be a meeting place for experiential time travel adventurers.All that's required is a Meta...

Data folder doesnt work

Everytime i try and use data it says that for privacy reason i cant access it and now i cant install mods on games like B&S or just acess it in generalAlso this is on standalone

Whitty033 by Honored Guest
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Still waiting for an actual hunting game…

It’s been forever and still no realistic hunting game! Sure there’s game and clay hunt but I want something where I can walk around, use calls, put a stalk on a big game animal, adjust for drop and windage and shoot! And sometimes accidentally spook ...

y.358836 by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Developer - verify account not working

Hi all,Just got my Quest 3 but stuck at verify developer account. Neither options work, credit card or phone (and logged in using the authenticator app). Meta chat routed me to this forum for support. Appreciate any help.

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