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Oculus app on pc opens relentlessly nonstop

i love the vr experience although i have picked up my rift used as my first experience recently, i live in a rural area where my internet is limited so if im playing something else not involving my oculus having anything else open that consumes the i...

hoonbag51 by Honored Guest
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oculus quest2 ray interaction in unity

I now have two 3D screw objects. I want to use the Oculus quest2 controller's laser and OVRInput.Button.PrimaryIndexTrigger to click on the two screw objects to make them connected by a line. I use (LineRenderer ), which components I want to add to t...

Quest 1 stuck on an old build

Hello,Recently I pushed v1.0.2 of my game (Home Detective) on App Lab, and when I browse to it on my Quest 2, I download that version, all hunky dory.However, when I download it using my Quest 1, I get an old build, v1.0.1. There is no prompt to upda...

Unable To Get A Response

Hello,I am desperately trying to find an answer. Ive been posting for a few days trying to get help multiple people are having with saving MRC calibration to our headset. Were all getting the same Calibration Sending Error, being denied access to the...


Gradle error

Hello! Im trying to build an apk in unity using oculus sdk ovr apk builder. When i try to do so it does it fine but then i get an error Gradle exited unexpectedly. Are there any fixes? is anyone encountering the same issue?

Obtain stream 360 from Oculus Quest 2

There is a way to obtain, using android tools (such as scrcpy or adb) or other tools, a stream containing the 360 video of an Oculus Quest 2 (therefore not only the user's view but the whole virtual environment)?Otherwise, is it possible to cast a he...

Resolved! No Allow USB Debugging Dialogue Appears

I need help getting my Quest 2 to connect to my MacBook Pro via USB because, unlike this guy -, I can't get the connection to work. I've followed the i...

Resolved! Oculus Integration 31.0 Passthrough API does not work

Has anyone managed to enable the passthrough function? I've tried the Oculus Integration 31.0 passthrough sample scenes, but I'm getting the error "Failed to initialize Insight Passthrough. Pa...

korinVR by Expert Protege
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App Lab update on "Pending Release"

Hi all!We currently have an app live in app lab for around two years. Normally, when pushing an update, the update is available within minutes of releasing, with the (metadata) check happening after. However, the most recent update we pushed is not y...

vr experience 4k

Hello Meta Quest community! I have some questions I'd like to ask you, in case someone can help me solve them. I need to develop a virtual reality application for Quest 2 and Quest 3 in the near future. The application consists of a 360-degree virtua...

Cant activate Developer mode

I am trying to activate Developer and Debugging mode on a few Meta Quests to test ArborXR but i am running into a issue.A phone number or a credit card has to be used to activate it. Now the company i work for do not have a company credit card. So i ...

W3sjuh by Honored Guest
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Bluetooth (Generic BLE signal) to Quest

I'd like to communicate to a Quest from a generic Blueotooth BLE device (such as Arduino, etc.). It was not possible with the Go. I believe the radio could see BLE advertisements but could not connect to generic devices using generic protocols. It ca...

EMebane by Honored Guest
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Change or Delete the Default Hand Gesture

Hello everyone and nice to meet you all.The first thing to say is I'm very new to the VR field, so if there's already some similar discussion please kindly let me know. Thank you  I'm now developing a VR experience(either stand-alone or cable linked...

HsinHsuan by Honored Guest
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Selecting a file in the file browser

I'm trying to get a file path with startActivityForResult and ACTION_OPEN_DOCUMENT.The file browser opens. When I select a file, the file browser closes, but the universal menu is still open. In my code onActivityResult is never called.Any idea why t...

ireneRK by Honored Guest
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Quest developer mode suddenly disappear

Everything is alright yesterday.Today I found that the unknown source in Quest is disappear and I cannot connect my Quest via ADB.Also the developer mode setting is not found in Oculus App.What happened?

kc_chan by Explorer
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UE4 : The game closes when I take off the headset.

Hi there,I developed a game with Unreal 4 (VRPC) connected with the link.The game closes automatically when I remove the headset from my face. Do you know how to solve this problem ?How can I force the headset to stay on when the game is running ?Tha...

Matth72 by Honored Guest
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Getting hand position after pinch

Hey all,New to all of this and I am trying to record the position of hands in real time and after a pinch gesture. How do I access the hand tracking position? I currently have the following hierarchy with the Transform Feature State Provider script a...


Hand Tracking menu ruins game play

The first thing people do with hand tracking is look at their hands.The second thing they do is touch their fingers.Then Quest shuts down the game; because that's the hand gesture Meta chose as an 'escape' key.I encourage players to see/feel their ha...

Developer Mode Phone Verification Not Sending

I want to be able to make some games in vr and play them on my Quest, but whenever I try and verify my Developer account by text, the text never sends. No matter what phone I use, it just won't send. I could really use some help, I've been stuck on t...