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2 accounts 1 mail

Hi guys, When I log in on fb with my mail in logged me into an empty account instead of my own. I deleted my account in the hope to get rid of the empty account and get back into my original account. But I think I might have deleted my whole fb. Anyo...

pnulover by Honored Guest
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AppLab sale data

Hello, I have a game "Hunt" in AppLab. Through SideQuest, I can see it has been downloaded 180 times but I can not see any sales on AppLab side, how do I know the sales data? thank you.

Terrible Performance on Firmware 50

Hi, we are using 2021.3.22 f1 and our main scene with the majority of meshes is performing terribly. This seems crazy to me that Meta would release a firmware update like this that affects every developer's apps. I saw a few others have the same issu...

Interpreting renderdoc meta fork tile timeline

Hi,I started profiling our application with the renderdoc meta fork, and i'm having trouble reading the results.The application is made with unity (2021.3 branch), and I'm profiling on oculus quest 2. Renderdoc is version 51.1, headset is up to date ...



How do I get my account unbanned? I've been banned for no reason and now I can't access any of my VR apps can someone please help me.

Build your First VR App questions

Hello, I have a little experience with Blender and was very excited at the chance to get started using Unity on the Amateur level to design some small VR experiences but I'm having trouble with the basic tutorial. I am using Unity 2018.4.2fl as that ...

NolanB by Honored Guest
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UE app won't start on quest2

i am trying to testbuild an app on linux using UE, following this tutorial with the VR template , using metaXR downloaded from here

ProTT_VR by Honored Guest
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Emissive Material?

An emissive material ist not working when deploying to the Quest.What's the workaround?Is it actually possible possible to deploy Shader Model 5 to the Quest?Thank you

Anonymous by Not applicable
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App review paused?

Hi. My app has been in review for a while, most tech checks are passed, but I needed to provide some more info on our privacy policy and app monetization. I was asked to write my comments in the "Notes for reviewer" field, so I did. Now a week has pa...

Inquires on try before you buy feature

Dear Meta Dev Support,As an developer I am writing to inquire about the "Try Before You Buy" feature on Meta. Could you please provide more information about what this feature is and how it works? Specifically, I would like to know if the package inc...

Can‘t confirm my guardian

Hello,So today I wanted to play on may quest 2, so I started it and there was my vicinity but i couldn‘t confirm my guardian. I was stuck for like 20 minutes, I had the hope that it will work, but it didn‘t. What should I do?

Oculus Verification "Needs more information" Loop

Our Oculus submission has a flag to verify our organization, however, within 1-2 hours, any documents we submit change the verification status to "Needs more information". All documents we submitted have our organization name, address, and phone numb...

23-04-21_08-45-26_chrome.png 23-04-21_08-46-04_chrome.png

Cant verify and make developer account

Hey,Basically, i whanted to turn on developer mode on quest and i tryed to turn developer mode on account (like the page where you need to verify first) i chose two factor authentication. After that i added autheficator app and well it didnt work, i ...

Oletron by Honored Guest
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Performance Issues after Firmware 50 update

We had some huge performance issue on new firmware update with our store apps. I would like to double check if someone else here got the same problem. Our 72fps apps running down to 8-40fps and spacewarp going crazy. Even our R&D apps running low aft...

Re: Oculus not connecting to Mobile app

If you're having trouble connecting your Oculus to the mobile app, here are some tips to help you fix the issue:Check your network connection: Ensure that your Oculus and mobile device are both connected to the same Wi-Fi network. If your devices are...

Browser WebXR resolution dropped since version 50

Hi,since version 50 the WebXR resolution has been dropped (tested with Oculus Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro).The VR view is now noticeable more pixelated and less detailed/sharp...Please restore the previous behavior/resolution!Best regards,Klaus Reinfe...

krp by Explorer
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Share app for testing

Hi,I've created an app and I want people in my organization to be able to test it with me. I added one person to the organization and she now has the app in her library on the Quest device (headset) and gets all updates as I push them. I have since a...