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GCP API keys hard coded in the app

Hi all,our app recently started failing security vulnerabilities testing due to "GCP API keys hard coded in the app". We are using the API Keys and we have extracted the api keys from hardcode. But, even those error are coming. Please give the sugges...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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free-roaming and Quest2 (arilink / virtual desktop)

Hello everyone.I'm creating a free-roam experience but my zone is larger than the guardian maximum range.I then deactivated the guardian boundaries and I'm using either air link or virtual desktop to stream the PC image to my headset.However i have a...

Yoirgl by Level 5
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Oculus Quest Social Starter / Platform SDK Unity

Did anyone get working the social start or platform SDK on Oculus Quest using unity? I'm trying to get the matchmaking and rooms working but running into a lot of problems. For example the Social starter sample in the avatar directory crashes when I ...

Zig420 by Level 4
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OpenXR Native Quest Build on Unity 2020.3

I'm involved in a game that has made the leap to using OpenXR for cross platform support. My colleague has the game working using the Quest 2 via the link cable but I have had minimal success trying to create even a single scene to work using Unity a...

Oculus Link and Native plugins

HelloQuestion is about usage of Oculus Link and native Android plugins.Is it possible to make a calls to Android methods ( my custom Android plugin ) while Oculus Quest 2 is connected to PC ( Unity Editor ) via Oculus Link Cable?What I want is to run...

Turisas by Level 3
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Getting boundary points

I've been banging my head against Unity's TryGetBoundaryPoints and OVR's OVRManager.boundary.GetGeometry with zero luck. I've tried building directly to the Quest to bypass the issues I'm reading about with regard to the Link cable and this data but ...

Purchase of VR workstations

Hi everyone! I am developing in Unreal Engine with the Oculus Quest 2 and I am looking for a pc workstation.Could this be a good solution?

Ask questions!

Hi, I'm preparing a project for the mission game. Do you want to know the contact information of the staff with the platform? I was wondering if there were any documents or Convenient development later! If you have contact information or contact pers...

General discontent for oculus

Since the initial development of the oculus quest I have been enthralled with the oculus company. I led many people to purchase oculus quest and quest 2 (6+). I have been an advocate for the business and always wanted to see it succeed. Over the past...

PassthroughHands Demo

Has anyone had any luck getting the PassthroughHands demo working from the Oculus Unity plugin? It seems that in order to use hand tracking you need the legacy LibOVR backend, but to use passthrough api you need the OpenXR backend. Considering there'...

natekfl by Level 2
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Oculus PerfStats does not work on Quest

I am working on profiling our game for Quest 1, but the Oculus GetAppPerfStats function call returns an empty struct, regardless of how I call it. Is this function supported on Quest 1 at all? Do I need to enable perf stats support somehow on adb fir...


The More settings option isn't on my oculus app and I'm trying to turn on developer mode on

How to handl 15+ Gb of video files for AppLab?

Hi.I have an app where I used the internal storage /Movies folder to store 360 videos for an app. This was fine when I was developing but now that I would like the app on AppLab this doesn't seem to be a god way.So far I have found that I have to spl...