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Accessing local files

Hi all,I'm looking to store video files locally on the Quest and access them from the apk through their file path.To be clear, I'm trying to access the internal storage on the Quest via an installed apk. This would be a video stored in the movies fol...

OSC/WebSocket/MQTT to Quest

Hi there, I'm trying for a few days to have something working on UE4.27 and I'm hitting a wall. I've made a blueprint where i'm able to receive OSC input data from a remote laptop to a UE4.27 app that then triggers an event (for now print something o...

valfg by Explorer
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can not upload openxr to applab

I tried to upload an alpha to app lab in the Oculus developer hub.i use unity with open XR.but when I try to upload it, these errors appear: This APK includes, but not The Unity native OpenXR plugin is not yet fully...

Keka_ by Honored Guest
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HandRayInteractor not working for Left Hand

I am working on Interaction SDK in Unity. I am using Synthetic Hands with HandRayInteractor to use ray interaction to interact with UI. Using the right hand, I am able to interact with the UI as expected (using ray interaction). But the ray in the le...

Screenshot 2022-07-14 at 10.48.38 PM.png Screenshot 2022-07-14 at 10.48.59 PM.png
ArihantP by Honored Guest
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Our org's apps not visible on Quest 2

Hey there, We are trying to set up a headset for one of our clients, but have found that this particular headset refuses to display any of our organization's apps, while our other headsets do so flawlessly.The account involved has full access to our ...

Distance controllers - sensors

Hi, I´m a developer trying to create a training app but i need to use one of the controllers, not as a hand but as an object quite separated from the sensors in the helmet. I´ve tried to set a wide boundary room but only managed to separate the contr...

Rotating child of held object using hand tracking

Background: I am attempting to create a rubiks cube that is interacteable with the quest's hand tracking The issue i am having right now is that the OneGrabRotateTransformer that constrains an to only a rotation in one axis does not seem to work when...

qilliz by Honored Guest
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Do Meta technicians respond here?

I have posted twice asking for information regarding haptic feedback implementation and zero replies. Does anyone know a contact address Meta will help developers please?

Falan by Honored Guest
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Blockchain game in Quest 2

Hello,I'm creating a quest 2 adventure game where all heroes, equipment and material are NFTs in the Polygon Blockchain.We do not plan to sell any object inside the game, we only wish the player to connect his wallet to the Blockchain and then retrie...

jjnieto by Explorer
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Entitlement check for native OpenXR apps

I just discovered today that you, as a developer, are supposed to run an entitlement check for any apps you publish in the Oculus Store. The related article, , makes use of a ovr...

Background app?

Is it possible to run an app in background while playing another app in the foreground? This is currently possible on Android so wondering if Quest would allow it.

pieduke8 by Honored Guest
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Resolved! air link searching for pcs

Uh oh. I've been using Air Link for a long time and connecting routinely several times a day without an issue. Yesterday I saw a notice about an update on the headset and coincidentally perhaps Air Link can no longer find my PC. I've done all the "no...

Minecraft for oculus quest??

I posted this before and for some reason it got deleted, I was wondering when Minecraft for the quest would come out, I know you can sideload the gear vr version, and stream vivecraft from a pc using virtual desktop (it’s super laggy) so I was wonder...

Renderdoc for Quest: no Render Stage Trace

Following the instructions at I expected to see a render stage trace. But clicking the "oculus logo" button in the Event Browser has no effect for me, and the Tile Timeline...

Cant Figure out Oculus IAP

Hey I am trying to do in app purchases with oculus quest I made the SKU's, got approved for IAP, and have platform SDK in my unity project. But I have tried all the tutorials and cant figure it out! Any help is appreciated thanks.

Room scale for mapping walls

Hello, I have set up passthrough but I'm wondering if there are any resources for setting up walls like in the Beyond World. I've looked around but I can't really find anything. Thanks in advanced.