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Resolved! Move OVR camera but not hands

Hi, I'm trying to build a VR climbing application in Unity for Quest 2. I want to be able to move the camera position to simulate change in elevation while leaving the hands in the same place. I have tried to do this by using ovrCamera.transform.Tran...

ak.7334 by Level 2
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Can I forbid photo and video capture in my app?

There was such a message popping up when I was trying to record in the Oculus TV or Youtube VR apps: "The developer has forbidden image capture in this app."Now there seems to be no such hindrance.Say if I want to prevent "let's playing" of my game, ...

App installation on Quest 2

Hello everyone, I am new to the developing world and going through guides I still don't understand the main thing: how do I upload an app to be used with a Quest 2 not attached to the PC? I want to create an Archviz project that would not be shared w...

Weird Reflection Issue with new OS

I have a stereo mirror reflection code in Unity (using a render texture and shader).This worked fine until very recently. Now the reflection appears like the eye separation values are incorrect so the stereo rendering is off. I've tried the same APK ...

Oculus Quest Link App Lab submission

Hi, I am a developer working on VR app using Quest Link & Unity. I would like to submit my app to Oculus app Lab, but a open source library such as MIT license is included in my app. I wonder if the open source license must be submitted at the time o...

OVR Overlay Equirect Shape Issue

I am implementing the Equirect OVR Overlay for rendering 360 video playback and I am noticing a visual issue that I need to fix. The issue is that the seamline for the OVROverlay Equirect Shape is producing a very noticeable black line that is not pr...


Impact of MultiUser on Oculus Platform Tools

We have an app currently available on the Store. We had initially opted out of multi user app sharing, but are interested in implementing it.I can't find any documentation about how this is expected to work. Mostly, I am interested in the following m...

Oculus Quest 2 Control EQ Sliders in Game

Hi everyone, Myself and one other person are developing an immersive music application for the Quest 2 using Unity and have run into an interesting problem. Currently we are building in Unity 2019.17.4 We have a canvas and set of sliders linked to EQ...

Quest 2 - COVID 19 Solution to Work From Home?

Greetings team, inquiring for some opinions about the use of an oculus quest 2 for enterprise application / productivity in a work from home setting.I'm tracking the oculus for business and that's not what im referring to. Moreso, taking your Quest 2...

UE4 or Unity for basic social VR exploration

Never worked on mobile last three years focused on desktop only VR apps. Also abandoned both Unity and Unreal at that time.Now wanted to prototype a social exploration app for Quest, with just some geolocalized locations to be explored together with ...

APK Not Signed On Upload To Release Channel

I am getting an APK not signed message on build upload to a consumer release channel on Oculus Dashboard, however it was working, details below.This is the output from apksignerVerifiesVerified using v1 scheme (JAR signing): falseVerified using v2 sc...

Controller drifting

We have the oculus Quest 2 and the left controller character drifts. I have researched for a fixed in which it says to recalibrate the controller. I open the app and go to the controller tab and when I tap on the left controller it does NOT have the ...

Unreal vs Unity?

For an experienced VR app developer with a high level of expertise in both Unreal and Unity, which platform is the better one for making an Oculus Quest 2 app? I am part of a team at the very beginning stages of developing a series of apps for the Oc...

olycrew by Level 3
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Use USB Webcam with Oculus Quest

I am working with a medical group at my university and they want a manipulated videostream (it will be tilted a few degrees) with the quest. I tried to work out a way with the "webcam"-class in unity (like this), but it does not work on the quest. Ca...

DOWJ by Level 2
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64 bits build question

Hello! We've been testing performance of our build and uploaded it on the site as a 32bits build for quite a while.Uploading the 32 build would trigger a warning encouraging us to update to 64 bitsAs we are scheduled soon for QA, we've been checking ...


app:processDebugResources FAILED

Hello, I've been trying since several days to launch an apk natively into my QUEST 2, no matter what I try to solve this issue I always get the same error which is the title of the thread. anyone had this issue and succeed to resolve this ? thanks fo...



I found as Admin I can share games with other FB/Oculus accounts.Awesome!However the added FB/O accounts are unable to share the games they bought.So as owner and admin my friend can play my games but I cant play his? WHY ?

Developing for Oculus Quest 2 in germany

Hi there,I would like to develope for the Oculus Quest 2. The item ist currently not available in germany but e.g. in france. Is it possible, to work with such a device and a german developer/facebook - account? greetings Ralf

Android MediaCodec

Hello everyone.In our program, HLS 360video data is decoded using Android MediaCodec and rendered on the Unity.It uses MediaCodec to decode the H264 stream, but it looks very slow in Oculus Quest.And MediaCodec stops decoding after a short while.The ...

Resolved! Apps not showing up in Test User accounts?

Is anyone noticing that your app is not showing up in new Test User accounts? The apps DO show up in the Test User accounts if you make the Test User a developer in the organization, but NOT if you invite the Test User by email. This is true includin...

UE4 Dynamic Spotlight shining through walls

I'm currently prototyping in UE4 (4.25 Oculus branch) for Quest 2. Navigating in the dark with a flashlight is a major part of the game concept but we've already hit a snag early in our prototyping phase.Dynamic spotlight works fine when previewed fr...


Ok, so yes, I've disabled notifications... However please could I request that we don't lose some absolutely precious footage on shutdown. One simple procedure to check before the minimum mh/h % settings. Auto stop recording would be helpful. Or does...

Overlay Keyboard not returning to app

So the Quest overlay keyboard works but sometimes it will just not work in the sense that pressing the keys won't affect the input box selected and when this happens closing the keyboard I don't get focus back to the app (my controllers disappear) an...

Ayfel by Level 4
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