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What to expect in Infinite Office for devs?

So I'm really excited at the prospect of headmounted desktop computing, but what I've seen so far is either mock-up renders or someone typing on a Logitech keyboard into a browser window.This is all very good, but I'd like to start thinking about wha...

Oculus Quest In-Game Video recorder

HelloI'm working on a VR application in Unity for the Oculus Quest 2.One of its features is to record in a video what the user is doing and watching. The recording session is triggered by an in-game button.For now I didn't find any useful solution co...

App Lab "Preview App" Download location

I am needing to share preview builds of an App Lab app via Oculus' preview app feature. I have added another user via Release Channels -> Builds -> Add Users. My users have accepted the invitation and can see the app in the preview apps section of th...

Inside Out FBT

Ok. So, I have been doing my research on FBT and how one accomplishes it. Currently, the various options include the vive trackers with base stations, Xbox connect, even using your phones work. And the use of the phones got me thinking... The quest 2...

Oculus Quest development App lab requirements

I've looked everywhere but I cannot find the answer. I've been developing a game for Quest 2 and will be publishing using App Labs. Following conversations with various other developers who have succesfully launched on App labs I'm being told that I ...

Resolved! SIGSEGV when calling vrapi_SubmitFrame2()

I'm porting a game to Quest and so part of my work is to interface the engine's Vulkan renderer w/ the Oculus Mobile SDK.I believe I'm setting up the SDK correctly (I'm following the examples and the guidelines from Oculus' docs) but still I'm gettin...

Rooms.CreateAndJoinPrivate2 returning NULL

Hello everyoneI start off by saying that I'm new to coding in Unity and for Quest and I find the official documentation hard to navigate but I welcome if you could point me to the answer assuming it's there.I'm trying something very simple, to create...

How to create a vr game using mrc?

I am currently studying making vr games. I am developing using Quest 2, but I want to make a game using mrc provided by Oculus. How do I make it like the mrc version of beatsaber?I have mrc installed, and the beatsaber game works fine on obs.I am cur...

Bluetooth Permissions

Hello,I am trying to connect to a Bluetooth device on the Quest 2 through my Unity application. Whenever I launch the application I get a debug error message of not having the required Bluetooth permission. I have made sure that I include these permi...

vartech by Level 3
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App Lab 3rd party login

Question about App Lab requirements. Can I require a user to login with credentials in order to access the application's main features, or is that outside the app lab submission guidelines. I've read through them all, but haven't been able to find cl...

Can't run apk correctly on Quest2

My build apk file developed in Unity was working on Quest2 a few months ago, but now it's not working. To be more specific, I used Quest to test, and everything is working normally; while I launched the app on Quest2, there was a dark flash and force...

zdh3110 by Level 3
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Oculus Quest 2 - Unreal Project Setup

I had some issues with the rendering of spark particles in the Starter Contents. After investigation i detected that the documentation was writen for older oculus quest, and for quest 2 the unreal project setup must include plattform/android/build/Su...

APK's installation

Hello to all, We are Immersive Factory, a French company that publishes and develops VR training modules (EHS) and we would like to deploy our catalogue (more than 20 courses) on Oculus Quest 2.Our courses are developed with Unity and our store in Ja...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Applab wait time before testing?

Hi all,When submitting an application for applab (just as a release channel, not for the store just yet), I have noticed that it sometimes takes a very long time before users (including myself) can test the application. Is there a way to check when t...

Test user and unkown sources apps

Hello, Developing an app and installed it to the quest so it shows up under unknown sources and runs. However, switching to the test account the unknown sources has no apps. How to get an unknown source app to run under a test account? Am I doing it ...

Oculus Dev and Virtual Desktop

I have an older t5500 computer, and the USB3.0 pci card I got does not seem to be working. I wanted to know if anyone has developed content in Unity or Unreal through virtual desktop instead of with the LINK cable?