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Public opt-in in release channels not working

I enabled "Enable public opt-in" for my ALPHA and BETA release channels, yet I can't find a way that users can opt-in themselves to the app through the Oculus software or website. With a test account, I've tried searching for the app by full name in ...

New Destinations stuck in Pending Review

How long does it take for destinations to get out of review? I was building out the shared spaces test and I am stuck with my destinations in pending. I created them Monday afternoon, so its been over 72 hours and they are still sitting at pending re...

How to erase cloud anchors

Hi, I'm trying to control spatial anchors. Loading cloud anchors or erasing local anchors works fine.But erasing action of saved cloud anchors always returns error. anybody else having this issue? This is my code: var option = new OVRSpatialAnchor.Er...

tkawajiri by Honored Guest
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64gb model upgraded to 128gb

Now i understand that if meta were able to do this they would drastically lose money but it’s a real pain for the 64gb users when they had to realise they can’t upgrade for a 128gb model, we should have an option to so then it’s equal and no one want...

Handtracking - Small hands

Hello!I've been developing for Quest Pro and strictly using passthrough with handtracking. I can't get over how small the handmesh is compared to my hands. I've never realised how poor this scale of the handmesh actually is because in VR you can't co...

IAP purchase discrepancy

In the documentation for IAP it reads, add-ons have 2 price display options, the defined price and the $0.01 off that displays for developers within the org.Well when we login to test this, it does not behave like this on the alpha channel or the liv...

Stuck at pairing

I had 5 Quest 1's. Did a factory reset on them to pair with a new tablet. Only got 1 to pair successfully. RMA'd the remaining 4 to Oculus.Just got a refurbished unit back and it also stops at the pairing screen. Tried to pair with phone with the sam...

My apps no longer open (Developer mode)

Hello everyone, today i discovered that many of my applications developed with Unity no longer open, some do not start at all, in others only the black screen appears. Now the apps have been installed on different devices and different accounts.the p...

Argan93 by Honored Guest
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Quest PRO Controller has not update and Stucks at 0%

I received my QuestPro controller today and tried to use it with my Quest2, but for some reason it didn't work. I have tried all the solutions I have found on the internet. I have tried all of the following solutions and have not been able to use the...

WhatsApp画像 2023-02-11 18.43.42.jpg
GlimDawn by Honored Guest
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Diesn't connect hotspot 5G

I havecoculus quest 2, my oculus quest 2 doesn't even see my phone hotspot s23 ultra 5G. My headset can see only 2.4G but when i change to 5G it's not even on the list on wifi in the headset. Tried everything such as reset to factory and all that. No...

"Eye tracking enabled" always returns true

I've been using eye tracking successfully for some time. However, we're developing a fallback for devices without it, or it hasn't been authorized by the user, and the api doesn't seem to behave as expected.OVRPlugin.eyeTrackingEnabled returns true i...

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